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  1. 1. MY DOCTOR By Bryson Cardenas, Aaron Miranda, Jesus Ochoa, and Luis Aispuro
  2. 2. Who? Athletes What? Athletes with body problems When? After exercise Where? Anywhere Why? To much exercise or injuries
  3. 3. Main Question: How can you treat or avoid body problems?
  4. 4. Problem: Athletes with injuries or problems with their body like headache, sore muscles, etc.
  5. 5. Key Insights: When athletes get injured during exercise of get any body problems.
  6. 6. My team, the comoters, is developing a mobile app to help athletes get help with injuries with our app.
  7. 7. Due to the lack of time we were not able to gather interviews.
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  11. 11. This app is user friendly and simple because it asks you some questions and gives you the answer to your body problems.