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<ol><li> 1. MY DOCTOR By Bryson Cardenas, Aaron Miranda, Jesus Ochoa, and Luis Aispuro </li><li> 2. Who? Athletes What? Athletes with body problems When? After exercise Where? Anywhere Why? To much exercise or injuries </li><li> 3. Main Question: How can you treat or avoid body problems? </li><li> 4. Problem: Athletes with injuries or problems with their body like headache, sore muscles, etc. </li><li> 5. Key Insights: When athletes get injured during exercise of get any body problems. </li><li> 6. My team, the comoters, is developing a mobile app to help athletes get help with injuries with our app. </li><li> 7. Due to the lack of time we were not able to gather interviews. </li><li> 8. [Key wireframes 1/3] </li><li> 9. [Key wireframes 2/3] </li><li> 10. [Key wireframes 3/3] </li><li> 11. This app is user friendly and simple because it asks you some questions and gives you the answer to your body problems. </li></ol>