Colour psychology

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  • 1. Psychology of Color Rizwan


  • Red is an incredibly intense color, it stimulates the heart and breathing to increase pace
  • Red cars are popular targets of thieves
  • Red can cause you to feel hunger

RED 3.

  • Orange can make you feel enthusiastic
  • It can increase your appetite
  • Orange increases the oxygen flow to the brain

Orange 4.

  • Yellow can cause people to lose their tempers
  • Yellow makes babies cry, and is hard for the eye to take in
  • Yellow also enhances concentration
  • It speeds metabolism

Yellow 5.

  • Green can improve vision and is easy on the eye
  • Green also relaxes people, this is the reason actors wait in green rooms before appearing on television
  • Though Green is relaxing it is said to bring bad luck
  • Humans see more shades of green than any other color.

Green 6.

  • Blue causes the opposite affects as red.
  • Blue causes the body to release calming chemicals and relaxes people
  • Slows heart rate and lowers body temperature

Blue 7.

  • Pink is a tranquilizing and romantic color
  • Sports teams often paint the opposing teams locker rooms pink to make them loose energy
  • Can cause you to abandon logic thinking and become sensitive

Pink 8.

  • White makes people feel a sense of innocence and purity

White 9.

  • Brown is calming
  • Brown can convey sadness and isolation
  • It can also cause a sense of warmth, comfort, and security

Brown 10.

  • Shows authority and power
  • Implies submission
  • Priests wear black to signify submission to god
  • Black also suggests aloofness or evil
  • Can cause one to feel rebelliousness

Black 11.

  • Not all of these colors are associated with the same emotions around the world. Some cultures respond differently to different colors.
  • Most of the preceding information is true for most American people, though some people will respond differently based upon events and memories in their background. Therefore psychological effects of colors can vary on an individual basis.
  • Sub-conscious effects are usually the same for all people.
  • Sub-conscious effects such as :
  • Appetite changes associated with red
  • The healing effects of green
  • Loss of energy associated with pink.
  • The increase of blood and oxygen flow to the brain associated with Orange

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