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1. Chat Mapper: Creating Non-linear Narratives for Games
2. What is a Linear Narrative?
Linear stories:
predetermined sequential plot points.
completion of the game = end point of the game via the single path that was laid out by the designer.
works well in games because it gives the player a goal or set of goals as they work toward solving the problem.
3. Non-Linear Narrative
Non-Linear stories:
player is given options as to what he or she chooses to do
Historically, these options were presented as predetermined choices (Choose your own adventure)
dynamically generate plot elements and alter potential endings on
choices a player makes
or other circumstances tied to the narrative.
4. Non-linear Affordances
Consequences on the world in which they interact
Player has the impression of influence.
Opportunity to identify with their player
Emotional investment
5. Types of Non-Linear Narrative
Open World
Organic game interactions, such as Grand Theft Auto and World of Warcraft
Branching Narratives:
a tree that branches out with different end points
Parallel Narratives
Branching that ends at a same resolution
6. Challenges
More option cost more $$$. Content increase exponentially per decision.
Writing a story that could be read in any order is complex.
Nonlinear stories are often linked not by time, but by conditions
ROI is questionable when complexity is factored in. Additionally, most successful games have linear narrative.
7. Result
Graphs become unwieldy
difficulty allowing the designer to create conditions, which are circumstances that may change the direction of the story
8. Chat Mapper Interface
9. Features
User Interface
Visualized Branching
Control Conversations Flow w/ Lua Scripts
Generate Screen Play Document
Custom Exporter
10. Assets include
11. Lua Scripting
Easily adjust asset values and variables
12. Example Script & Condition
13. Create Custom Fields for all Assets
14. Quickly test w/ Simulator
15. Import into Game Engines
16. Unity3D: iSpeech
17. Unity3D: iDirect