Business English: The Power of Persuasion

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Comparing & Contrasting Products

The Power of PersuasionAt Work

Look at the following images and guess what each person is persuading another to do

A l_________ is trying to persuade the Jury his client is i___________(not guilty).

A LAWYER is trying to persuade the Jury his client is INNOCENT (not guilty).

The M_______ is persuading h____d___________ to eat her food.

The MOM is persuading HERDAUGHTER to eat her food.

The R_________ E___________ Agent is persuading the couple to

The REAL ESTATE Agent is persuading the couple to RENT OR BUY THE HOUSE.

The Medical Rep is persuading the doctor to prescribe her companys medicine.

The man is persuading the womanto staythat hes sorryto forgive him

The Job candidate is persuading the interview panel to hire him for the job.

Common Persuasive Techniques used in both Work & Life

1. Reciprocity (n) (to reciprocate)the practice of exchanging things / services with others for m________ (both sides) benefit. idiom: If you scratch my back, Ill scratch yours.

1. Reciprocitythe practice of exchanging things / services with others for MUTUAL BENEFIT.

If you do something for me, Ill do something for you. Win-winCan you name some real-life examples of the rule of reciprocation?

Some Examples:

2. Commitment (& Consistency)

The act of showing consistency to customers / people in orderto get their long-term commitment.The goal is always to form loyal or long-term customers


Some examples of different waysto get commitment (and consistency).

Rewarding long-time customers / people for committing to your brand or service (LOYALTY)

corporate gifts

membership cards

punch cards

Encourage Public Commitment (to group, event)Why is it advantageous for some businesses to encourage their customers to make a public commitment?

corporate sponsorshipsSocial media groups

Asking for Small commitments first, then you can request for a bigger commitmentlater.

foot in the door meetings

Incentive meetings

3. Social ProofWhen people are uncertain, they are likely to feel more influenced todo something if similar people are doing it too.

Examples of social proofs:

Leaving $ in a tip jar

work environment / behaviors

Celebrity Promotions

4. LikabilityOne of the easiest way to persuade people is first, for them to like you

On a scale of 1-10, how important is personality and appearance in a pharma rep position?

5. Authority / ExpertsA powerful persuasive technique is having the support of peoplein authority positions.

Have you ever been persuaded to buy somethingbecause you saw an authority figure endorsethe product?

6. ScarcityWhen something is Scarce its rare, limited, hard to find. This is the belief that something is more attractive if its availability is limited.

Is mentioning the limited quantity of medicine a helpfultechnique in pharmaceutical sales?

* FearFear is commonly used in persuading people to buy a product orservice. Its often controversial because it appeals tocustomer emotions.

Other Persuasive Techniques

1. E_______________:Using studies, statistics, expert opinions and anecdotal evidenceis very persuasive because whatever it is youre sayingseems more logical / reliable.


2. A___________When there is an opposing view, people can persuade others thatthe competitor or opponent is foolish, dangerous, unreliable,or not professional.


3. In_________ OR Ex_________LanguageWe can use language such as We Us Our. as well as create adifference by saying, them, they . to persuade people to feela part of a group / have support.

3. Inclusive OR ExclusiveLanguage

4. Rhetorical QuestionsA RQ is a questions that you arent required to answer, and are only asked because you want theother person to think/consider & accept your view

Other examples of Rhetorical Questions in Persuasion

5. C_______ & E_________This is when you show the relationship between two thingsFor one thing to happen, depends on another


6. Word ConnotationsThis is when we persuade people using powerful words tohave an emotional/strong meaning.

More Examples:

7. Analogy This is when you can persuade someone by using a comparison to make the person understand you better.

Examples of Analogies in Persuading

8. H__________ When you use funny stories, jokes, etc. to persuade your audience to either distrust the competitor or like/trust you more.


9. Jargon Jargon refers to specialized language for an industry. We can use Jargon when we want to sound like an expert, or knowledgeable of that industry/topic.

10. R__________n By saying words or phrases again and again, you can persuade or remind the listener of your brand, key message or point of view.

10. Repetition