Building Websites Is Awesome

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Presentation to 1st year BMS students

Text of Building Websites Is Awesome

  • 1. Sheldon NesdaleMarketing + Business + Internet + Niche = Win
  • 2. Im interested in... Learning, Being Inspired, Exploring the web Business Books + TED videos + Kahn Academy + Googling Creating Unique content + Online communities Tauranga + The Mount I love where I live Sheldon Nesdale ::
  • 3. Im interested in... Technology How it connects us & improves our lives iPad + Robots + Games + Facebook Being Entertained Videos: Comedy + Movie Cartoons + Sci-Fi + TED Making Money Small Business + Micro-Business, Start-Up Businesses Sheldon Nesdale ::
  • 4. I get paid for...1. Ideas2. Action Prescribing action for clients Taking action for clients Taking action on my own projectsGreat ideas are worth nothing without action - Helen Keller Sheldon Nesdale ::
  • 5. Where Do Ideas Come From?1. Reading2. Asking Questions3. Listening4. Writing (email + content + articles)5. Talking about ideas6. Creating Sheldon Nesdale ::
  • 6. What Are You An Expert In? Do you know more about a subject than the person sitting next to you? (only needs to be a little bit more) [Activity] Sheldon Nesdale ::
  • 7. 4 Steps To Being An Expert1. Choose a subject2. Read the top 10 books3. Write 5 articles Make sense of what youve read4. Congratulations youre an expert! Youll never be without work Sheldon Nesdale ::
  • 8. What Can You Build Before You Graduate?Youve got 3 years: Build an online presence For when people search your name Do a little bit of everything Only if its free Go deeper with platforms you love Blogging? Facebook? Pinterest? Flickr? Twitter? Sheldon Nesdale ::
  • 9. Selling Widgets/Services for a Boss? 95% of bosses are running a small business They hate wasting dollars on advertising Whats a waste of money? Yellow Pages TV Daily Newspapers Radio Any time you are paying to shout at non- customers Sheldon Nesdale ::
  • 10. What Does Work? Dont push what youre selling Create art and pull people in Build a Permission Asset Download White Paper Email Newsletter Phone Number First Purchase Next Purchase Sheldon Nesdale ::
  • 11. Websites Work Components of a successful website Passion. Take a stand Plain-speak (no jargon) Valuable (but free) Content/Articles Testimonials Prices Call-to-action Search Engine Optimisation Sheldon Nesdale ::
  • 12. Want To Build Your Own Website? Find a topic you are passionate about This gives you energy to keep going Eg an author, a type of movie, a hobby, a sport, game Provide content that is valuable & interesting to certain people (not everybody) Eg reading order list, ranking list of movies & indepth character details, how-to videos Have an attitude. Take a stand. Once you have an audience, making money is easy Sheldon Nesdale ::
  • 13. Why I Love Building Websites1. Websites are cheap $84.73/year (or free)2. Websites are public no barriers between you and the world3. Websites attract an audience for free thanks to Google4. Websites are valuable so people will pay you to build them Sheldon Nesdale ::
  • 14. My Web Work 20 client websites Scuba Diving, Management Course, Airport Shuttle, Winery, Fences & Gates, Charity 17 of my own websites (66% of my income) Sheldon Nesdale ::
  • 15. Sheldon Nesdale ::
  • 16. Started as blog article (stolen idea) Created something useful to people Asked for their input Traffic grew Launched new domain Rang up all the daily deal owners Gave them something for free Sold advertising $65k/annum @ 4h/week = $325/hour Sheldon Nesdale ::
  • 17. Sheldon Nesdale ::
  • 18. Stole a list from a book and put it online Asked for input Rang newspapers & got free exposure Traffic grew Rang all the owners & sold advertising $8k/annum @ 0.5h/week = $307/hour Sheldon Nesdale ::
  • 19. Sold $55k worth of Chicken Coops For $2,500 commission $8/hour Sheldon Nesdale ::
  • 20. Sheldon Nesdale ::
  • 21. Started as a blog article Got a little bit of traffic Launched new domain Attracted passionate people Asked for input Stepped out of their way Earnings: $5/month Sheldon Nesdale ::
  • 22. 4 Reasons To Join Me1. Start building your online profile It will speak louder than your CV when you start looking for work2. Learn how to get free media exposure Paying for advertising is for chumps3. Learn how to write in a way that glues peoples eyes to your writing4. Generate ideas for passive income of your own Sheldon Nesdale ::