How to create “Awesome” WordPress Websites For to create “Awesome” WordPress Websites For Niche Organizations Neha Gupta Goyal @nehagupt. ... configure multisite installs, ... WordPress Taxonomies:

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  • How to create Awesome WordPress Websites For Niche Organizations

    Neha Gupta Goyal@nehagupt

  • Hello, World! Web Developer at American Enterprise Institute Have been working for niche organizations for the

    past decade Key to an awesome website: TELL YOUR STORY

  • Small Businesses Selling a product Providing a seervice

    Nonprofits Charities Think tanks

    Niche organizations

  • Make your niche website AWESOME

  • Unique challenges of a niche organization Needs of a niche organizations websites Using WordPress to create a website Intro to WP-CLI


  • CHALLENGES Smaller Budget Limited Manpower Employees wear

    Multiple Hats Revenue/ Raise Funds Mission-driven


    Not for Profit Advocacy Drive



    For Profit Service/

    Product Drive Sales up

    Unique Challenges of niche organizations

  • Understanding the goals of your organization Understanding your audience Develop a cohesive website strategy aligned with

    business goals and mission

    Overcoming the Challenges

  • Understanding the goals What are your organizations most important

    goals? What does success looks like? Who is your audience?

  • Understanding your audience What is important to your audience? How does your audience access your website? How does your audience interact with your


  • Clear and Consistent Branding Front-end: Easy to find information and use functionality Back-end: Easy to use and maintain Mobile-friendly aka Responsive website TELL YOUR AWESOME STORY

    Cohesive Website Strategy

  • Trusted by many organizations Fastest growing CMS (~60% of the CMS market share*) User-Friendly Easy to install and maintain Customizable

    * Source:

    Meet Awesome WordPress

  • Components of WordPress

    Dashboard Plugins Media Library Appearance Theme

  • WordPress Theming

  • Custom WordPress Theme

  • Categories Broad grouping of content Makes it easy for the user to find content Hierarchical

    Tags Index words Not hierarchical


  • Taxonomy

  • Post Typeso Pageso Postso Custom Post Types

    o Requires developer skills

    Post Types

  • Advanced Custom Fields Custom data/fields in the CMS Multiple input types :

    o WYSIWYGo Date Pickero Color Pickero Object Relationships

  • Update plugins, configure multisite installs, and much more Custom commands for Data migration Syntax:

    wp [command] [sub-command] Example - wp plugin update

    Intro to WP-CLI

  • Keep In Mind Website Security Website Performance Use categories and tags judiciously Only Install Plugins that you actually need

  • YES, you canbuild an AWESOME website

    Understanding your goals Understanding your audience Cohesive Website strategy Tell your AWESOME story

  • Thank You @nehagupt Slides:

  • Resources1. WordPress Taxonomies: Custom Post Types: ACF: WP CLI: WordPress Starter Theme:

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