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Presentation concerning the major concepts of Bernd Schmid

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  • 1. Brazil-SeminarDr. Bernd Schmid Agosto, 2011Institut fr systemische Beratung,

2. Bernd SchmidThe Role Concept of TA and Other Approaches to Personality,Encounter, and Co-creativity in Nonclinical FieldsO Conceito de Papis da AT e Outras Abordagens para a Personalidade, Encontros e Co-criatividade em reas noClnicas 2 3. Options Opes1. Introduction and systemic perspectives1. Introduo e perspectivas sistmicas1. Communication models2. Modelos de Comunicao1. Theatre metaphor3. Teatro Metfora1. The role concept in TA4. O conceito de Papel da AT 3 4. OptionsOpes5. Responsibility5. Responsabilidade6.Dilemmas6. Dilemas7. Narrative TA7. Narrativa de AT8. 4 concepts on personality8. 4 Conceitos sobre Personalidade9. Professionalism9. Profissionalismo4 5. Systemic approach Abordagem Sistmica1. Mobile1. Mvel2. Attitudes: resource/solution-oriented2. Atitudes: orientada para recursos/soluo3. Systemic didactic + professional culture3. Didtica sistmica + cultura profissional4. Reality of observer4. Realidade do observador5. Personality + encounter + context5. Personalidade + encontro + contexto6. Meaning and Consequences (instead of Motivations and Biography)6. Significado e Conseqncias (em vez de Motivaes e Biografia)7. Models are not answers. Their function is to organize questioning andassumptions.7. Modelos e no respostas. Funo organizar perguntas ehipteses. 5 6. MetaperspectivesMeta perspectivas Most important things are not hidden. To be able to see them, theobserver has to change. As coisas mais importantes no esto escondidas. Paraser capaz de v-las, o observador tem que mudar. Exploration sometimes means detailed investigation within the givenframe of reference, and often changing perspectives. Explorao algumas vezes significa investigaodetalhada noquadro de referncia dado efrequentemente mudana de perspectivas. 6 7. 7 8. Being aware of perspectives Consciente das perspectivasMetaphor of spotlights Metfora dos holofotes Which spotlights are actually turned on? Quais holofotes esto ligados agora? In which light do they show the object? Com qual luz eles agora mostram o objeto? Which ones are unneccessary or distracting? Quais so desnecessrios ou distraem? Which other/additional ones would show the object in an useful light? Quais outros adicionais poderiam iluminar o objeto deforma til? Helicopter style of consulting (3 swans) Consultoria estilo helicptero (3 cisnes)8 9. TA for the 21st century - AT para sculo 21 Principles kept 1 Princpios mantidos 1 focussing on real people in real life situations Foco em pessoas reais e nas situaes da vida real focussing on how reality is created by transactions Foco em como a realidade criada pelas transaes activating realities in which communication and encounter is possible Ativando realidade nas quais a comunicao e oencontro so be continued later......para ser continuado9