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  • 1. Asia BaezProfessor KlinkowsteinSelected Article for ResearchCampbells Brews Up A Simple Solution

2. Asia BaezProfessor KlinkowsteinFresh-Brewed Soup K-Cups Packs 3. Asia BaezProfessor Klinkowstein Ramen complicated for busy students Ovens things of the past Brewing process cleanses machine 4. Asia BaezObserve Students eating in residence hallsProfessor Klinkowstein 5. Asia BaezEthnographic ResearchProfessor Klinkowstein 6. Asia BaezProfessor Klinkowstein 7. Asia BaezProfessor Klinkowstein 8. Asia BaezProfessor Klinkowstein 9. Asia BaezProfessor Klinkowstein 10. Asia BaezProfessor KlinkowsteinEthnographic Research Observations 11. Asia BaezSubject #1: Wore headphones, sweatpants and a white tshirt oblivious to everything around him Left for 5 minutes Came back with spoon Looked at mess, shrugged shoulders and walked away Asked not to be photographed for fear of being held responsible for messProfessor Klinkowstein 12. Asia BaezSubject #2 Came in with her boyfriend He sat down, she cooked She bit her nails while she waited She burned herself twice Used plastic plates and utensils Talked about schoolProfessor Klinkowstein 13. Asia BaezSubject #2 (cont) Boyfriend washed dishes She stood next to the sink and talked to him Cleaned up mess together and leftProfessor Klinkowstein 14. Asia BaezSubject #3 Referred to the mixture box often Sat in a corner on her phone while waiting Set the timer on the microwave Kept checking the doorProfessor Klinkowstein 15. Asia BaezProfessor Klinkowstein 16. Asia BaezProfessor KlinkowsteinI really dont enjoy cooking unless its with/ for my friends. 17. Asia BaezProfessor KlinkowsteinSelected Business ArticleCampbells Brews Up A Simple Solution 18. Asia BaezProfessor Klinkowstein 19. Asia BaezProfessor KlinkowsteinEthnographic Research Observations Little to no people came to the residence hall kitchen Of the few that did, only one allowed herself to be photographed Those that came alone did not stay more than 5 minutes 20. Asia BaezProfessor KlinkowsteinEthnographic Research Findings Mostly everyone that made something substantial had someone with them Students had little experience in the kitchen Students were impatient while making their food Students seemed preoccupied 21. Asia BaezDiagonals_ Visual ResearchProfessor Klinkowstein 22. Asia BaezArcs_ Visual ResearchProfessor Klinkowstein 23. Professor Klinkowstein Asia BaezAsia Baez Professor KlinkowsteinIrregular Shapes_ Visual Research 24. Asia BaezGrids_ Visual ResearchProfessor Klinkowstein 25. Asia BaezMonochromes_ Visual ResearchProfessor Klinkowstein 26. Asia BaezNeutrals_ Visual ResearchProfessor Klinkowstein 27. Asia BaezHigh-key_ Visual ResearchProfessor Klinkowstein 28. Asia BaezLow-key_ Visual ResearchProfessor Klinkowstein 29. Professor Klinkowstein Asia BaezAsia Baez Professor Klinkowstein 30. Professor Klinkowstein Asia BaezAsia Baez Professor Klinkowstein 31. Asia BaezProfessor KlinkowsteinSummary: Students dont have time to cook Campbells collaborates with Keurig Students want quick results 32. Asia BaezProfessor KlinkowsteinSocial Circumstance Observed:Students cooking in residence halls. 33. Asia BaezProfessor KlinkowsteinObservations: Students dislike cooking alone More apt to cook in social setting Inexperienced in the kitchen Want fast results 34. Asia BaezProfessor KlinkowsteinDesire/ Need Ascertained: A simple, relatively quick way of making food that is considered fun. 35. Asia BaezProfessor KlinkowsteinProduct: An interactive app that allows millenials to share recipes and tips for cooking. It facilitates conviviality, a natural artifact of food and all that relates to food. A blog where students can upload photos, videos, or video chat. An easily accessible, virtual recipe book. 36. Asia BaezProfessor KlinkowsteinThink Different -Apple Got Milk -California Milk Processor Board Get out there -Royal Caribbean 37. Re cip e sUse rsCommunityShare d Conviviality