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IntroductionApplication ComponentsPlatforms & Development KitsCategories of Android ApplicationsFeatures & LimitationsConclusion and Future Scope



A Software platform and operating system for mobile.Based on the Linux kernel. Android was found way back in 2003. It was developed in Palo Alto, California. Android was developed by the Andy Rubin, Rich Miner, Nick Sears and Chris White. Android was purchased by the GOOGLE in AUGUST,2005 for 50 million $.

Application Components

Activities :visual user interface focused on a single thing a user can doTypically correspond to UI screen.The content of the window is a view or a group of viewsExample of views: buttons, text fields, scroll bars, menu items, check boxes, etc.

Intents:It is a description of what you wanted to done.System matches intent with activity to provide best serviceEg: view,call,play etc.Services: no visual interface they run in the background indefinitely ExamplesNetwork DownloadsPlaying MusicTCP/UDP ServerYou can bind to a an existing service and control its operation

Broadcast Receivers Receive and react to broadcast announcements Extend the class Broadcast ReceiverExamples of broadcasts:Low battery, power connected, shutdown, timezone changed, etc.Content Providers Allow data exchange between applications Its the only way to transfer data between applications in Android (no shared files, shared memory, pipes, etc.)Other applications use a Content Resolver object to access the data provided via a Content Provider

Platforms & Development kitsJava Android Studio (ADK)Python KivyJava EclipseC# - XamarinRuby RHO mobile SuiteHTML5 - Cordova

CategoriesEnterprise applications communication applicationsmultimedia applicationstravel applicationsfun / games applicationsutility applicationssecurity applications

Features & LimitationsFeaturesAndroid has built-in services like GPS, SQL Database, browser and mapsSupport optimized graphics VGA, 2D and 3D graphicsLow investment and easy to developIntegrating inter-applications

Limitations :Ui problems- not following a common Ui process in app developments/w fragmentation several vers available for diff devices. It is not comfortable for many users to upgrade since manufacturers play a vital role in device configurationCopyright Issue No particular quality check rules for uploading apps in androidUses more battery when compared to java and symbian mobile phones

Conclusion and Future ScopeAndroid applications stepping up not only in mobile internet but also in many applications such as washing machine, cameras, watches, TVs etcBetter career opportunitiesAI in Android is going to automate the whole world with its Deep Mind TechnologyWe can expect more apps on health, education and e-commerce