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AAGILE Android Applications. Richard Kue, Kelsey Matthews, Nicholas paiva Kumaiva Industries Corporations. What is AAGILE?. A ctivity A nalyzer with voice G uidance for I ndividual L iving E xperience - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  • AAGILE Android ApplicationsRichard Kue, Kelsey Matthews, Nicholas paiva

    Kumaiva Industries Corporations

  • What is AAGILE?Activity Analyzer with voice Guidance for Individual Living ExperienceFunctions should allow the user or caretaker to implement a schedule for exercise/physical activity.When it is time for activity, the phone will start notifications including, pre-recorded voice playback to motivate users.Once the physical activity is complete, the application will end function until the next scheduled time.

  • ImplementationUsage will be initially marketed towards geriatrics.Unlike predecessors (AAGILE and MRAAGILE) this will done be in Android application .Provides a more user friendly environment, and makes it less cumbersome.The device should also be wearable so the accelerometer can pick up on movement.

  • AndroidCurrently there are two android application development software:EclipseAndroid StudiosBoth software are Java based and require coding knowledge, but do provide some templates.Code should access different layers of the Android OS so that the functions of AAGILE can be fully performed.

  • GoalsWe hope to be able to create a fully functioning android device. Current objectives to accomplish are:Access to Calendar and Schedule functions of phone.Access to phones accelerometerAccess to phone audio recording/playback function.Future goals are to implement MRAAGILE into the app as well.

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