Analytical Exposition

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an example of analytical exposition that the school must to reduce the lesson period


<ul><li> 1. Analytical Exposition1. 2. 3. 4.Bayu Setyawan Eka Susanti Fadli Ambartama Restu Putri Martasari(09) (14) (15) (33)</li></ul> <p> 2. THESISWe t h p e l e mi a g d op e r s o n a l l y i n k t h a t t h e r i o d o f t h e s s o n mu s t b e n i mi z e . S o w e r e e a b o u t i t . Wh y we s a y t h a t ? ? ? 3. ARGUMENTATIONFirstly, the student spent 45 minutes per 1 period of lesson. If the day we have more than 5 lesson and 1 lesson take 2 or 3 period. It means that we spent more than 8 hours in the school. 4. ARGUMENTATIONSecond, if we spent more than 8 hours in the school. And the school started on 7 am so, we will back to the house approximately on 3 pm. Thirdly, when we arrive at home we will feel so tired and it make student lazy to do anything. Right?? 5. ARGUMENTATIONThen, it is not effectively because in one day we must separated our mind into any parts. But in the last year we have to focus in the national exam. 6. ARGUMENTATIONIndonesian student spent about 1/3 of they life at school that from 07.00-14.00 are they fell good about that?? Are they fell more ready to prepare future? NO! many student cant get more than 40% from what they studied at school. Why? 7. During studying activity (KBM) they only thinking what will they do after school because too short time they have at day they didnt get rest at afternoon then they must do home work and task at night. So, what they want? They want get relax, some rest, and time to do their task, of course! 8. Many people think, The longer time we study faster we getting smarter. But thats FALSE! The true is, More often we study faster we getting smarter. No more long time. So, spent too long time studied at school isnt efficient. 9. From the facts above, school must reduce the lesson period to make student more relax and focus. 10. T HANK F OR Y OUR AT T ENT I ON </p>