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<p> 1. Jenna Clemens and Kim Foster For almost a hundred years, weve focused on driving results while attracting attention for our clients, making them remarkable and rich. 2. Grey. - Founded in 1917 in the garment district as a one-man retail agency. - Today, more than a 1,000 people work between the New York City flagship of the 96-country network, and Grey San Francisco. - Grey has expertise in all marketing disciplines, including advertising, digital, activation, entertainment, sponsorship, shopper marketing, public relations, media and multicultural. 3. DirectTV Canon Cover Girl Febreze Gillette NFL Products &amp; Services 4. TOR MYHREN President / Worldwide Chief Creative Officer - The E*Trade Baby, the Oprah car giveaway, DIRECTVs Cable Effects campaign, and making Ellen DeGeneres a CoverGirl at age 50 are some examples of Tors culturally relevant work. 5. JOE LAMPERTIUS Global CEO, Shopper Marketing - He is based in New York, working with key shopper hubs around the world. - Procter &amp; Gamble 6. ZACHARY TREUHAFT Chief Digital Officer - Zachary Treuhaft joined Grey in 2013 to grow and deepen the agencys digital offering across Greys portfolio, including developing the agencys capabilities in digital strategy and execution. 7. CLAUDIA STRAUSS CEO, Grey Activation &amp; PR - Claudia oversees a team of integrated marketing experts who create programs outside the boundaries of traditional advertising including strategic partnerships, promotions, experiential, influencer/celebrity, grassroots marketing and public relations. - The first Hollywood film inspired by consumer photographs for Canon, the first pop-up store in the United States for Deltas Song Airlines, the first-ever consumer- generated coupon for Lucky Brand. - Won multiple industry awards for her work 8. Rob Lowe- DirectTV - The claim for the commercial is that DirecTV is superior and popular whereas cable is awkward and unnecessary. - The goal is to portray Cable as a disappointment, and therefore telling the audience to rely on DirecTV because it is the opposite. - The ad accomplished this by comically associating itself with Lowe and an the opposite awkward version of himself. 9. Clients - Greys clients make up of the fortune 100 companies - Client relationship is 8X longer than the industry average 10. Campaigns of the past Jiff- Choosy moms choose Jiff Kool-Aide Man 11. Campaigns E-Trade- Voted Best Ad Campaign of 2008 2008 Presidential election- A campaign that cost $0, saw by 37 million people in 5 days 12. Greys culture of creativity Grey promotes creativity by... -No meeting zone -Heroic Failure Award -Corkwall -Healthy Grey 13. Style of Grey The style integrates the impressive history of the agency and promotes their edgy and highly creative culture 14. Style... An open office space which promotes a collaborative work style 15. Personal Strength - Working in groups: since Grey emphasises collaboration and partnership, ability to work with others would positively influence the agency. 16. Behind the campaign boxhead/id/4431/ 17. References Diaz, Ann-Christine. "Tor Myhren Named Worldwide Chief Creative Officer of Grey." Advertising Age Agency News RSS. 30 Oct. 2013. Web. 22 Mar. 2015. . "About | Grey USA | Famously Effective Since 1917." USA. N.p., n.d. Web. 22 Mar. 2015. "Meathead Rob Lowe DIRECTV Commercial." YouTube. YouTube, n.d. Web. 22 Mar. 2015. </p>