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2. Find your voice .&inspireothers to do likewiseFind your voice Inspire others to find theirvoicesFind your voiceExpress your voiceFocus ExecutionExpand your influence Align goals andBe trustworthysystemBuild trust Empower othersBlend others voicesCreate a commonvision 3. STEPHEN COVEY is cofounder and vicechairman of FranklinCovey.co. Acknowledged by Time Magazine asone of the 25 most influential Americans. Dr. Covey is the author of seven booksincluding:- > The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, > First Things First > Principle-Centered Leadership. PREPARED BY GROUP 93 4. To find your voice means to engage inwork that genuinely taps your talentsand fuels your passion 5. Three gifts of natureFreedom to choose Laws of natureThe four intelligences 6. physicalmental intelligences spiritual emotional 7. 8ComponentsIntelligencesKey Basic needs dimensions of a person capacities attributesBody To liveDisciplineneed Physical (PQ)mind Mental (IQ) To learn visionTalentheartEmotional(EQ) To love passion passionspritSpiritual(SQ) To leave aconscience consciencelegacy PREPARED BY GROUP 9 8. need Your voicetalent passion conscious 9. finding your true calling in life Or unlocking your souls code 10. INTEGRITY MATURITY ABUNDANCE MENTALITY TECHNICAL COMPETENCE CONCEPTUAL KNOWLEDGE 11. Third AlternativeUnderstanding the prospective of othersDevelop bona fide listening skillsUnderstanding of the circumstances around youConflict resolution 12. I honor you and your need ,I take responsibility for letting you know my views and we can manage our differences constructively 13. Your Organization VoiceFor an organization to do something comparable and express its voice, itsleaders must fill four rules. ModelingYourEmpowering organizationPath findings voice Aligning 14. ModelingOrganization leaders should create and buy corporate cultureThere should be a shared vision and shared vision and goal Modeling inspire trust without expectingPath findingDevelop a viable strategyDetermine your prioritiesPath finding creates order without demanding it 15. FocusFocus and concentration is the key to successIn an organization focus embodies both path finding and modelingModeling FOCUS YourorganizationsPath finding voice 16. To execute better,1. Align goals and systems2. Empower others YOUR EMPOWERINGORGANISATIONS VOICE ALIGNING 17. To create systems that are aligned with yourorganizations goals: Have an abundance mentality Stay flexible with your business systems Learn from world-class performers Measure progress on your most important goals Set up a great feedback system 18. THE EMPOWERING VOICE 19. Four disciplines which can improve execution; Focus on wildly important things Create a compelling scoreboard Translate goals into specific actions Hold each other accountable, all the time 20. I slept and dreamed that life was joyI awoke and saw that life was serviceI acted and behold, service was joy(RABINDRANATH TAGORE) 21. The 8th Habit is all about finding your voice as anindividual, as a team and as an organization.To do more for the world than Find your voice and inspire others to dothe world does for youso- that is success. (Henry Ford)Inspire others Find your to find their voicevoiceExecutioFocus n