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  • 1.January 7, 2013 Reflection on Amy Purdy and Being Proactive What was Amy's main message? Did she inspire you? She states that you are the author of your life. What kind of life do you wish to lead? How does being proactive become important to the success of your life? What did Amy do that demonstrated "being proactive"? What proactive things can you do to make your life the best it can be? What is one of your goals this term?

2. January 14, 2013 Introduction to 7 Habits (Video: Nick Vujicic) My Strengths: My Weaknesses: Things I am thankful for: Things in my life I don't really need: Things I like about myself: Things I wish I could change about myself: How has your paradigm (the way you see the world) changed after watching and listening to Nick? What did you find shocking about Nick? What are some unchanging truths that Nick shared with you about his life? How has he embraced his disability? Would you consider him successful? Looking at the things you listed are there many more things you can do without? 3. January 21, 2013 Habit 1: Be Proactive In your own words ( 3 sentences) explain what you think it means to be proactive. According to Franklin Covey, being proactive means: I am a responsible person. I take initiative. I choose my actions, attitudes, and moods. I do not blame others for my wrong actions. I do the right thing without being asked, even when no one is looking. 4. Fill out your Diet Diary. We will be "examining it in detail this Friday. Get Active with Trevor & Lucas 5. Make sure you have the following items: 1. HCE Duotang 2. Current Events Duotang 3. Planner 6. February 15, 2013 Reflection on Being Proactive Video From the video, what things stood out to you? Who are you more like, "Reactive" or "Proactive"? Explain. Reactive people blame everyone and everything but themselves. They also "give up". Are these things that ring true to you? Which ones? How so? Provide 2 examples of this in your life. What kind of attitude do you need to be "proactive"? Name some. What are some tips from the video you can apply to your life? 7. Being Proactive vs. Reactive