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Dewey Decimal Classification System Library Media Class

5th dewey decimal classification system

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Dewey Decimal Classification

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  • 1. Dewey DecimalClassification SystemLibrary Media Class

2. Who created the Dewey DecimalClassification System? Melvil Dewey was born on December 10, 1851 Melvil Dewey created the number order systemfor library books when he was 21 years old. Melvil Dewey started the first school forlibrarians. 3. Ten Main Classifications inDeweys SystemThe worlds knowledge is dividedinto 10 categories or groups.Each group has a main title and isrepresented by three numbers. 4. The Big Ten! Generalities 000 Philosophy 100 Religion 200 Social Science 300 Language 400 Science & Math 500 Technology 600 The Arts 700 Literature 800 Geography & History - 900Brings order to the massiveamount of world knowledge 5. You Can Judge A Book by ItsCover! The Dewey DecimalClassification callnumber can be found onthe spine label. Why? When the book isshelved, the DeweyDecimal Classificationcall number can beeasily seen.500Lee200Bya000Mea 6. Generalities - 000EncyclopediasNews mediaRare BooksEncyclopedias, References 7. Philosophy - 100Paranormal phenomenaPsychologyLogicMan thinks 8. Religion - 200BibleHistory of ChristianityOther ReligionsAbout God 9. Social Science - 300LawEducationFolkloreAbout mans neighbors 10. Language - 400EnglishSpanishOther LanguagesMan talks with other men 11. Natural Science& Math - 500MathematicsEarth sciencesPlantsAnimalsMan discoversall that isaround him 12. Technology 600MedicineAgricultureFamily livingMan makes usefulthings 13. The Arts - 700DrawingMusicRecreational & performingartsMan makesbeautiful things 14. Literature - 800American LiteratureOld English LiteratureLiteratures of Other LanguagesMan writes 15. Geography& History - 900GeographyBiographiesAncient HistoryMan writes abouttravel, people, andevents 16. Flashback!What Do You Remember?Who created the Dewey DecimalClassification System?What does the DDCS do for ourlibrary?How many main classifications arethere?Where do you find the DDCS numberon a library book? 17. Resources UsedAll clipart taken from the Microsoft Clipart web site:http://office.microsoft.com/clipart/default.aspx?lc=en-us&cag=1Information on the Dewey Decimal Classification taken from:Weisburg, H. & Toor, R. Teachers Portfolio of Library SkillsLessons & Activities (1985). The Center for Applied Research inEducation, Inc.