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Dewey Decimal System Classification

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Text of Dewey Decimal System Classification

  • 1. Information I need to know before I begin. These are books which contain information on many subjects such as encyclopedias and other reference books. Examples: Almanacs, Bibliographies, Encyclopedias, News Media and
  • 2. Almanacs Encyclopedi as Bibliographi es News Media Journalism
  • 3. Who am I? (Man thinks about himself) Examples: Feelings, Emotions, Humankind and Theory of Philosophy
  • 4. Feelings Emotions Human Kind Theory of Philosophy
  • 5. Who made me? (Man thinks about God.) Examples: Bible Stories, Christianity, Buddhism and Creation
  • 6. Bible Stories Buddhism Christianity Creation
  • 7. Who is the man (or woman) in the next cave?(Man thinks about other people. Examples: Careers, Folk Tales, Family and Political Science
  • 8. Careers Family Folk Tales Political Science
  • 9. How can I make that man understand me? (Man learns to communicate with others through words.) Examples: Grammar, Sign Language, Foreign Language and English
  • 10. Grammar Sign Language Foreign Language English
  • 11. How can I understand nature and the world about me? (Man learns to understand nature on the land, in the sea, and in the sky.) Examples: Planets, Animals, Weather and Algebra
  • 12. Planets Weather Animals Algebra
  • 13. How can I use what I know about nature? (Primitive man learned about fire and how to make weapons. He learned through the ages about the wheel, about medicine, planting crops, cooking food, building bridges, and how to make all the things we use.) Examples: Computers, Health, Farming and Nutrition
  • 14. Computers Farming Health Nutrition
  • 15. How can I enjoy my leisure time? (By this time, primitive man had more time to do the things he enjoyed. He learned how to paint pictures and to create music.) Examples: Drawings, Sports, Crafts and Games
  • 16. Drawings Crafts Sports Games
  • 17. How can I give my children a record of man's heroic deeds? (Man became a storyteller. He created fables, poetry, and plays about his ancestors and the people he knew. Later, man recorded these stories Examples: Poetry and Plays
  • 18. Poetry Plays
  • 19. How can I leave a record for men of the future? (Man began to write about events that had occurred everywhere, and about people who had participated in these events.) Examples: Biographies, Countries, States and Travels
  • 20. Biographie s Countries States Travel