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  • 1. Ideas to Interest New Potential students to apply to the Interior Design Department in the College
  • 2. Some Ideation Questions What are the most obvious solutions for this problem? (even things that you know already exist) What can you add, remove or modify from those initial solutions?
  • 3. Sign in front of buildingID students wanted *Use Craigs list Portfolio award for high school students Support a PTA activity in High Schools Set up a booth outside of school during market days Hold a free raffle for 2 hour ID services from a Senior Design Student During market days on weekend have an interactive construction of a piece of furniture like the exploitorium Advertise a free house plant with every school tour Meet with career counselors of community colleges *List of community colleges (see College sheet info AI)
  • 4. Community colleges career day Get interviewed by local PR for: *Volunteer for designing safe houses for people in need (Oakland) Get involved with design stores (small boutiques) Get involved with big design stores (crate and barrel etc) Website ad on design store website Sustainable design Green design Build-it green Assoc LEED 2nd career Military Retail stores-sales people that need more education European market Asian market Take market share from AAU
  • 5. Run hybrid classes Run weekend seminars on particular subjects for older people in the field Weekend workshops for DYI people Co-ordinate with culinary for lunch event Postcards-snail mail Places in town to put flyers Work with career department Run an event that gives $ to charity Connect the charity with the project we are working on Run a speakers series to get more parents into the school Advertise at high schools Update facebook website use facebook website to announce events at AI
  • 6. Scholarship s Walking tour of SF showing cool commercial interiors Connecting technology-CAD Sketch-up and ID Free workshop- Day of design Contest- change your bedroom: send before and after pictures win a lunch and free tour Buy e-mail list of local families with highschoolers Flyers/activities in community centers (ie yMCA) Give license plate holders that say AI or stickers for windshields Get employer to pay for tuition Career counselor more info on ID careers.
  • 7. How would a 5-year-old child solve the problem? Would hold a puppet show to attract students into the school Would add a play area for student recreation- help with retention Would make free popcorn to distribute all day long Would hold a contest to design dog houses
  • 8. How would you solve the problem if you had an unlimited budget? Would add another story to the building that was just for ID dept Would design the interiors of the department so it looked loads better than the rest of the school Would rent a boutique in the Westfield Shopping Mall and design it beautifully and use it to explain how important design is
  • 9. How would you solve the problem without spending any money? Get volunteers to do lots of the things above Use the existing schools resources whenever possible
  • 10. How would you solve this problem if you had control over the laws of nature (think invisibility, teleportation, etc. or the corporate parent company) show high school students what their homes are going to look like when they are 50yrs old Expand the interior design department to do creativity training, etc to expand the career of interior design to be more relevant to todays marketplace
  • 11.
  • 12. Step 2 - Idea Selection: Out of all the ideas you generated, select three ideas following criteria: i. the most practical idea (one that could be easily implemented) Meet with career counselors of community colleges *List of community colleges (see College sheet info AI) Community colleges career day
  • 13. ii. the most disruptive idea (one that would make a huge impact, regardless of how feasible or affordable it is) Get involved with big design stores (crate and barrel etc) Better Branding so there is more name recognition for the college
  • 14. iii. your favorite idea (one idea that you are excited about for whatever reason... you dont have to justify why) European market Asian market Change market niche These students will have more loyalty and appreciation for education.