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<ul><li> 1. *Lawyer Girl*<br />BY: Tierra<br />Rm. 208<br /></li></ul> <p> 2. *Responsibilities*<br />Lawyers hold positions of great responsibility and are obligated adhere to a strict code of ethics.<br />A lawyer must represents his/her client ethically, zealously and within the bounds of the law.<br />A lawyer attorney owes you a duty of loyalty.<br />Lawyers form the backbone of the legal system.<br />Lawyers act as both advocates and advisers in our society.<br />Lawyers need to earn the respect and confidence of his/her clients.<br />Success!!<br /> 3. *skills needed for this job*<br />Should develop proficiency in writing and speaking, reading, researching, analyzing, and thinking logically.<br />A multidisciplinary background is recommended.<br />Courses in English, foreign languages, public speaking, government, philosophy, history, economics, mathematics, and computer science are useful.<br />Goals!!<br />Hard work!!<br /> 4. *why I chose this career*<br />I want to become a lawyer when I grow up because I plan on making a difference and changing the world.<br />I want to speak up for those without a voice, I want to do the right thing and make this world a better place.<br />I love history and the law.<br />The law is what I live for, and I guess becoming a lawyer makes me think this is only a small step I can make to changing the whole universe.<br />Why settle? Reach for the stars!!!<br /> 5. *Money*<br />Lawyers have an average yearly salary of$150,000.<br />Depends on where you work.<br />Money, money, money, money!!!! <br />Its raining money!!!!!<br /> 6. *High School*<br />Education is the key to success!<br />Constitution high would be the best choice to choose if you wanted to be a lawyer. It specializes in law and history and has a great law program for students who plan on becoming a successful lawyer.<br />Location-18 south 7 street Philadelphia, PA 19106-2314.<br />Number-(215)-315-7310<br />Website-webgui.phila.k12.pa.us/schools/c/constitution<br />School is your friend!<br /> 7. *college*<br />The college I would choose to attend if I wanted to become a lawyer is Yale.<br />Yale University is one of The Big Three.( in terms of Harvard, Yale, and Princeton).<br />Yale has a great academic reputation.<br />Also Yale has a great Law program, which offers the Degree of Master of Studies in Law.<br />Location-New Haven, CT.<br />How many yearsto get your degree- 4 years of undergrad plus 3 years of law school., <br />Go Bulldogs, go bulldogs, Go!!!!!!<br /> 8. *Home*<br />390 West Stafford Road<br />County: Ventura<br />Cost: $25,000,000<br />7 bed rooms, 11 bath,<br />Single family property<br />10 total full baths<br />2 total half baths<br />Approximately 16177 sq. ft.<br />5 car garages<br />Living room, dining room, family room, den.<br />Hardwood floors<br />Heating type: central furnace, zoned.<br />Heating Fuel: Natural gas<br />Central air conditioning<br />Central heat<br />Golf course view<br />Hill/mountain view<br />Lake view<br />Pool- in ground.<br /> 9. *Car*<br />woot-woot!!!!!!<br />2011BMW M3 2-door convertible.<br />MSRP cost-$69, 625.00.<br />Invoice cost-$64, 260.00.<br />$1,289 a month.<br />BEEP-BEEP!!!!!!<br /> 10. *Chart-monthly expenses*<br /></p>