Top international travel destinations for 2014

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  1. 1. Top International Travel Destinations For 2014 All work no travel makes you a daydreamer. Please pardon our poetic license, but have you planned your international vacation this year yet? The blue seas beckon, the green meadows sing and the infinite road calls out to you are you listening? Here is a list of some of the best travel destinations, brought to you by Buy Forex Online India Pvt Limited, the best portal to buy Forex online in India. Rome The beautiful city of Rome is not just a place; its a piece of history. The city feels like the exhibit halls of a giant outdoor museum, a real-life collage of piazzas, open-air markets, and mind-boggling historic sites. Toss a coin into the Trevi Fountain; watch your jaw drop at the colossal magnificence of the Colosseum, or stretch your legs on the characteristic butterfly shaped Piazza di Spagna. Unwind, travel back in time and watch history and the world pass you by in slow motion. Cape Town Cape Town has something for everyone, something for the active peeps as well as the ones that like to take it easy. So much is happening, sometimes its easy to forget what to do and see. Catch a cable car up Table Mountain... Dive into white shark-infested waters at Gansbaii, walk the museum mile, go wine tasting at the Cape Winelands. Adventure jockeys, night clubbers, gastronomics or nature lovers the Mother City has something for everyone! Prague The bohemian allure and fairytale features of Prague make it a perfect destination for beach-weary vacationers who want to immerse themselves in culture. Take in the darkly mesmerizing intricacy of baroque sculptures on Chares bridges, party away in a 1950s nuclear Bunkr Parukarka, picture propaganda at the Museum of Communism or take a trip to the Prague Castle- the largest ancient castle in the world! So, pack your bags and get your prepaid travel cards ready and arm yourself for a surreal beauty that is Prague. Paris Paris is an incredible city, you're certain to stumble upon places of incredible history and beauty on every street corner. It can be difficult to know where to begin and what to see. The perfect Paris experience combines leisure and liveliness with enough time to savor both an exquisite meal and exhibits at the Louvre. Talk a walk along the seine,
  2. 2. give in to the Gothic splendor of Notre dame, indulge in the verdant avenues of the Champs Elysee, Lose yourself in the modernities of the Muse de l'Orangerie, buy yourself a lovely rare to find book at the Shakespeare and Company Bookshoptheres a world out there waiting to be discovered. The world is full of beautiful places waiting to be explored; to have a wonderful vacation, all you need is the willingness to explore. best Forex cards in India by Buy Forex Online India Pvt Limited. These prepaid Forex cards let you enjoy your holidays without having to worry about money. To know more, visit-