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First faltering attempts at macro photography.

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  • 1. Macro Photography

2. First attempts at Macro Photography.Trial One: 17-40mm Lens with 36mm Extension Tube 3. 2 mm Wide Individual False Mallow Seeds 4. 1 cm Diameter False Mallow Seed Head 5. 8 mm Wide Nerite Shell 6. Trial Two: 70-200mm Lens with Stacked 36+20+12mm Extension Tubes 7. Lens is Parallel to Surface 8. Bermuda Sand Sample 9. 2 mm Wide Individual False Mallow Seeds 10. 1 cm Wide False Mallow Seed Head 11. 1 mm Wide x1.5 mm Long Shells from Fiji Sand Sample 12. 8 mm Wide Nerite Shell 13. Preliminary Conclusions:It appears that in order to do good macro photography, I am going to need better lighting. With better light, I can get better depth of eld which means sharper images.As far as the lens setups are concerned, the 17-40mm lens with the 36mm extension tube gives me large magnication at a short working distance. The 70-200mm with 68mm of stacked extension tubes provides increased working distance at the loss of magnication.Advice would be appreciated...