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  1. 1. {By : Francesca Torsiello
  2. 2. Macro Photography is close-up photography of small objects. Usually within the picture, you do not see the whole object, only a portion of what is there. Macro, meaning large, photography creates the subject to be very large when in reality it is much smaller. Macro photography I commonly taken of bugs or other objects in nature but there are no specifications on what the object you shoot is.
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  10. 10. Professional Macro Photography EquipmentDifferent camera equipment companies make certain camera lenses optimal for taking close up photography.Macro filters serve as magnifying glasses that you put at the end of the camera lens to get closer up and more detailed.In order to connect the lens to the camera, you will also need to purchase extension tubesWhen shooting macro photography, it is essential you get extremely close to the subject you are shooting, which isn't always easy to do while simultaneously balancing a camera. A tripod ensures a steady, focused image.
  11. 11. Ideas of What I May Photograph A dream catcher Three bracelets Mini Buddha Stack of books Amethyst rock