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By: Michelle and Zoey

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Macro PhotographyBy: Michelle & Zoey

What is Macro Photography?

A kind of photography technique usedfor taking close-up shots

The term macro means "large scale" Commonly done with insects

Macro Photographers: K. Jayaram

Scientific nature photographer from India Considered a pioneer in macro photography

Has been this kind of photographer for over 40 years

A Photo of K. Jayaram

Wasp Holding Caterpillar By: K. Jayaram

Date: 12/08/2008 Camera Used: Nikon D300 Dimensions: 500x484 Location: India

Macro Photographers: Andrew Osokin

From Moscow, Russia

Takes macro photographs ofsnowflakes, water, and ice

His photos are on display at theNational Museum of Natural History

Untitled By: Andrew Osokin

Date: Unknown Camera Used: Nikon D80 or Nikon D90 Dimensions: 625x352 Location: Moscow, Russia

Time of Day By: Andrew Osokin

Date: Unknown Camera Used: Nikon D80 or Nikon D90 Dimensions: 800x790 Location: Moscow, Russia


Turn your camera to macro mode Use a tripod Choose a larger aperture Use a flash

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