Karatbars - How do you get paid?

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  • Direct Commissions What type of bonus do you receive? Depends on the package YOU purchased. these numbers are rough estimates and are subject to change. Bronze Silver Gold VIP $135 $320 $850 $2,200 $7 $16 $42 $110 $13 $32 $85 $220 Gold $20 $48 $127 $330 VIP $27 $64 $170 $440 Personally Sponsored Package Bonuses Bronze 5% Silver 10% 15% 20%
  • Direct Commissions They are a one time up front pay off. They only happen when you are a direct sponsor They do not happen if someone under you sponsors a person. You can sponsor as many people as you like you dont have to stop at 2.
  • Cycle Bonuses & Units What are Units Units are basically a point system used by the Dual Team System. Each time you sign up someone, or someone under you signs up someone depending on the package they purchase, you will generate a certain amount of units. Bronze 5 Units Silver 20 Units Gold 50 Units VIP 100 Units
  • Units are separated by teams. Left team and Right Team.
  • Cycle Bonuses When you start you will have two legs coming off of you (left leg, right leg). Those legs are the start of your teams (left team, right team). Left Leg Right Leg
  • Bronze 5 Units Silver 20 Units Gold 50 Units VIP 100 Units How many units were earned on the left team & right team (count the colors --- blues are free accounts and earn no units. Left Team 430 Units Right Team 240 Units
  • Ok. Back to Cycle Bonuses Looking at your left/right team units, however many times 50 and 25 can go into either team creates 1 cycle. 50 is always assigned to the side with the most units & 25 is always assigned to the side with the least of units. The side with the least number of cycles is how many cycles you generated. Cycles are subtracted from teams leaving units left over. Left Team Right Team 430 Units 240 Units 50 divides into the bigger side 8xs 25 divides into the smaller side 9xs 8 cycles generated (-400 units) 8 (--200 units ) 30 units leftover 40 units leftover
  • Continuing Cycle Bonuses 8 Cycles were generated how much were we compensated for that? Again depends on the package you get. Bronze $13 per cycle $104 Silver $53 per cycle $424 Gold $80 per cycle $640 VIP $106 per cycle $848
  • Cycle Bonuses You can cycle multiple times week or even multiple times a day. There is no limit to how many cycles you can have in a week/day. Each payday Friday your total number of cycle bonuses and direct commissions are put on your MASTERCARD!
  • How is this possible? This does not include cycle bonuses and direct commissions.
  • Completing steps 3 & 4 will get you started on your way.
  • Lets get a visual of this This process goes on for a long long time, this is called exponential growth. How many units do you have on the left and right side (that you didnt have to work for)? -60 units on each side by week 4 you can cycle at least once
  • How is this possible? You get commissions and units off of everything purchased in your team. Its a slow start off, but once it gets rolling
  • Passive Residual Income This works for people who dont want to feel like they have to bring in a lot of people and maintain them. In order for this to work it just takes 4 steps and your DONE!! Time can vary based on the 2 people you bring in, amount of gold purchased each month and the package you buy.