Get Paid To Share Video's
Get Paid To Share Video's
Get Paid To Share Video's
Get Paid To Share Video's
Get Paid To Share Video's

Get Paid To Share Video's

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The fun way to share your video's and make a buck at the same time, this free video sharing platform allows you to share anything you like, be it a business, hobby or interest. ViewTrakr is absolutely the easiest way to create a video landing page ever invented - AND you can join for free !

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OMG This Is FUN !!!

Get Paid To Share Video's !

ViewTrakr is the worlds 1st truly UNIVERSAL marketing platform/promotional tool that can be used to market ANYTHING

Not only are there people in network marketing companies from all over the world using this to build a HUGE network for their businesses but there are also musicians (rappers, country music stars AND gospel singers) using this to sell CDs & concert tickets.

Evangelists are using this to grow a huge viewer network, and people with a cause (ex. childhood cancer awareness) NOW have a way to grow a HUGE network & monetize that network, all while branding themselves and promoting WHATEVER is is theyve got going on

Video sharing has never been so FUN AND PROFITABLE!!

Check Out Some Of The Cool Pages Below

Awesome Herbalife Page !

Would have taken about 15 mins to make !

The video squeeze pages are easy and fun to create, making video networking so natural and easy. ANYONE can use it and have success because its like a game!

The ViewTrakr Compensation Plan features true residual income, weekly bonuses, team commissions, up-front bonuses, profit-sharing and check-matches to 12 GENERATIONS DEEP, making the ViewTrakr Comp plan best in its class. Ty Thomas and the folks at ViewTrakr corporate also run contests to give the field extra incentive cash frequently!

But Wait There Is More !!

Here Are A Few Other Samples !

Skinny Fibre Page

Seacret Page !

What's In It For You ?

Viewtrakr A revolutionary concept in video sharing

Millions of videos get made and shared on the internet every day. Videos of various niches such as music, entertainment, business promotions etc

What if one got paid for sharing videos? Thats the question that a group of people pondered over, five years ago.

Today the answer to that question has finally materialized in the form of a unique business program called Viewtrakr. The Viewtrakr concept envisages combining a serious business within a fun environment.

Heres how it works. You set up your Viewtrakr page by uploading the videos that you want to share with friends and acquaintances. These can be videos that you create or videos created by others that you want to share. Now every time someone views your video and registers for the program, you get to earn from their membership fees.

If you are already a business owner this system complements your existing business very well. You can set up your promotional videos in the viewtrakr and share it. Infact the Viewtrakr system has created ready-to-use templates for popular businesses such as Empower Network, MCA, Solavei, EPX Body and many more.

The Viewtrakr is therefore a double-edged sword where it acts as both a primary business as well as a promotional tool for your existing business.

More details on how you earn is given in the compensation plan inside the website.

The program, currently in prelaunch, is going live on July 1. The Company has announced several bonuses for those that join before the launch date. A lower membership fee is one of them. Another awesome bonus is a profit sharing arrangement on all sales of the Company after July 1.

To put it in perspective, what would it mean to you to participate in the profit share of Companies like Facebook and Youtube?

Take action TODAY by clicking the link below, watch the two minute video, and register for free.

You Can Join & Use ViewTrakr For Free !

ViewTrakr is Going To Be The Biggest Thing In 2014

Register For Your Free Account Today !

You Can Promote Anything You Like !!!!