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  • Make the informed choice. Switch to Halo FinancialProfessional foreign exchange services, personally delivered

    Halo Financial Limited11 Ivory HousePlantation WharfLondonSW11 3TNUnited Kingdom

    Telephone +44 (0)20 7350 5470Fax +44 (0)20 7350 5475

    Email help@halofinancial.comWeb www.halofinancial.com

    Authorised by the Financial Services Authority under the Payment Services Regulations 2009 for the provision of payment services

  • 3Were better for business

    Banks wait for you to come to them. But when you trade with Halo Financial we combine experience and technology and leverage them to your advantage. Youll be contacted personally and proactively by dealers who understand your requirements and constantly watch the markets to ensure you trade at the best possible rate. Youll also be kept up-to-date daily via email and in real-time via our currency widget so you have more time to focus on your core business.

    Information. The edge you need

    Currency trades benefit from constant attention. Prices fluctuate daily, hourly - even by the second. Knowing when to transact can mean the difference between money saved and money lost. Information is the most valuable commodity on the worlds currency markets. We make every second count.

    We give you the power to make the right choice. Not only do we assign you a dedicated currency expert to be your constant guide and enable you to make profitable decisions, we give you real-time access to the same foreign exchange data we use, meaning that youre always fully informed. Our aim is simple: to make sure you get the most out of every trade to help your business grow and compete more successfully in todays global market place.

    Information is power We give you the tools to use it

    If the answer is no or youre not sure, we can help. How? By being more dedicated, by offering a more competitive pricing structure and by helping you execute your transacts at the best time.

    Ask yourself: are you sure youre getting the best deal from your bank?

    Still with the bank?Its time to switch

    Frustrated by a poor foreign currency service? Wish you could talk to a real person at the end of the phone? We saw exactly what the banks were doing wrong and decided to do it right. Were faster, our costs are lower, and our people are dedicated to one thing: serving you, the customer. At Halo Financial were interested in building long-term client relationships rather than short-term profits. Expert advice is only ever a phone call away.

    Why not give us a call?

    +44 (0)20 7350 5470

  • 5A real person offering real solutions

    Its our task to watch the markets for you and help you make the right choices. We provide the information and expert opinion. You decide when its the best time to make a trade with confidence.

    Talk to professional people who understand the needs of business

    Not every currency supplier is equipped to handle complex business requirements. We are. As business people ourselves and with a successful track record of managing companys currency risks across a wide range of industry sectors, we understand the importance of good planning to your long-term success.

    We tailor our solutions according to your business needs and appetite for risk

    Your dedicated FX dealer will assess your situation and propose options that give you the best deal for your business. Whether youre looking for long-term stability to improve the predictability of your import / export balance sheet or just waiting for the right moment to get more for your money when making a large capital transfer, we can provide you with a bespoke solution that suits your needs.

    We provide the following services:

    Corporate risk managementWe can help you mitigate your foreign exchange risk, protect your profit margins, improve your cashflow management and remove the hassle from making international payments. Let our experts evaluate your exposure, identify your objectives, and come up with a hedging strategy that gives you the best value for money.

    Specialist currency expertiseWe provide on-the-spot assistance, ensuring international transactions and tenders are appropriately priced and protected by utilising a portfolio of currency instruments. In short, you dont need a dedicated FX department.

    Efficient international payment processingWe simplify the process of making international payments to save you time. Were able to process a single or multiple payment instruction even in different currencies, to different beneficiaries in different countries. Well make sure your domestic and international payments are made on time, every time.

    We will:

    Save you money on your currency transactions

    Minimise the currency risks your business faces

    Maximise your profit on international deals

    Streamline your international payments

    Bring specialist expertise to all your currency needs

    We deliver:

    Market leading exchange rates

    24-hour monitoring of target rates

    Protection against currency volatility

    Fast, reliable domestic and international payments

    A personal, dedicated currency expert at the end of the phone

    Direct, instant access to detailed currency exchange data

    Reap the rewards of having a dedicated FX dealer

    Open an account with us. Well provide you with a dedicated FX dealer, regardless of the size or frequency of your requirement. In short, youll always be dealing with the same person - someone who understands your needs, someone you trust.

  • 7How do you know where the rate is going?

    Our experts watch the markets constantly, providing real time analysis to help predict the direction of currency flows, minimising risk. By paying constant attention to market prices, we can help you choose the best time to make a transaction, using a combination of our technical analysts and years of experience to make accurate predictions about exchange rates.

    Will you deliver my money quickly?

    We will always deliver your money as promptly as possible. Upon receipt of cleared funds we will transfer your currency to your specified beneficiary on the contracts settlement date or earlier as requested. Time zone permitting this will usually be the same working day. You will also receive detailed automated payment and receipt notifications.

    How will you keep me updated?

    Well keep you updated in all the ways you tell us to. Whether its via a daily email to update you, a phone call to confirm your instructions have been met, or by giving you full, instant access to the same data we use via our unique currency widget, youre always fully informed.

    Why Halo Financial?

    Friendly, professional advice is only ever a phone call away. Foreign exchange is our business and our dealers are expert currency analysts, meaning you enjoy the benefits of dedicated expertise and 24/7 access to market data to help you make the right choices. We work harder and charge less than your bank and we never forget that your requirements are the number one priority.

    How are you better than my bank?

    Banks have high overheads and often dont quote their best available exchange rate irrespective of the size or frequency of your trades. Even if youre trading daily, we can offer a better exchange rate and help you transact at the best rate by trading at the right time, giving you more for your money.

    Want to receive currency alerts and rates?

    Download our currency widget directly onto your PC and never miss out on a vital move in your exchange rate. Itll save time and money.

    Visit www.halofinancial.com/desktopdealer

    Our promises:

    Cost effective We promise to beat the bank's rate. How? By being leaner and more efficient.

    Fast We promise to deliver your money as soon as possible. We don't delay.

    Professional We promise to update you as soon as the market moves. Choose from a number of different delivery options.

    Informed We promise to provide you with access to the same real-time data we use.

    Personal We promise to appoint a dedicated currency expert to help you. We're not a call-centre operation. Youre a name, not a number.

    Available We promise your call will be answered by a real person every time allowing instant execution of your deals.

    Enjoyable We promise to help you look at foreign exchange as a profit opportunity rather than a cost.

  • 9Spot contracts

    A Spot contract is an agreement to buy or sell currency for immediate delivery at an agreed exchange rate.

    Forward contracts

    Forward contracts enable you to fix an exchange rate to buy and sell currency for settlement on or before an agreed date up to 24 months in advance. Its a trade now, pay later type contract and, because the rate is fixed, it isnt affected by currency movements between the date it was agreed and the date the contract is due to be settled.

    Currency can be delivered earlier or later than the agreed settlement date either in full or in multiple payments on different dates by drawing down from the initial lump sum.

    Automated currency orders

    Halo Financial delivers best-value deals by using automated currency orders that help you use currency volatility to your advantage; protecting you against currency loss and maximising your currency gain. You dont have enough time to monitor exchange rates continually. So we do it for you 24/7.

    There are two types of automated currency order:

    Stop Loss ordersA Stop Loss order is an automated order to buy or sell currency at a predetermined worst case exchange rate, which if achieved, will automatically fulfil your instruction. It is used to protect bottom line profit margins and costing levels.