Financial Planning -Everyone Needs It!

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Invest Wisely ...

Financial Planning Everyone Needs It !

Financial planning is all about lifestyle , protecting your current lifestyle as well as the one you want to enjoy in the future , no matter what stage you have reached in life , sound financial planning is what you need . We all know that as we progress in life our priorities changes as per the circumstances changes , that why it is important to review your financial plan regularly to ensure that it still suits your needs .

Young , free and Single At this age you just want to enjoy life with friends and have fun, however we recommend small financial planning steps , that will benefit you in the future.

Young Couple- No children If you are living a partner and you havent yet started a family, this is the most affluent stage in your life, when you have two incomes but only one home and no kids, you must get started with your financial planning in this position , since later when you decide to have children , there may not be much spare money left over for saving . All the key areas of financial planning which apply to the Young , free and Single also apply to you.

Empty Nesters When your children s are all grown up and fled from the nest , it is time to concentrate on your own financial planning- especially on your retirement , making up any shortfalls in your pensions provision .

The Elderly As you become older and more frail you may have to make plans on how to fund a long term care should you need it.

We atFinstem Groupbelieve that protection of your fund is a prime job and it needs to be addressed with lot of knowledge and proper planning . Hence , we follow a four step process of financial planning Risk Profiling , Goal Planning , Porfolio Structuring and Portfolio Tracking . Contact usToll Free : 1800-200-4448Website: