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Peter R. Malone A. W. F. Milling

Douglas Gentleman and Micheal Harrington

Geoffrey E. Rose

P. D. Malimson M. A. Shaheen and N. A. Sabet

R. N. Villar and I. P. Palmer

S. W. Parsons and T. Downey

N. J. Mills

W. H. Allurn D. W. Yates and J. M. Hadfield

Y. M. Kohi, A. D. Mendelow, G. M. Teasdale and G. M. Allardice A. 0. Adeyemo, A. 0. Arigbobu and

0. Adejuyigbe Keith Williams

D. T. Shakespeare, N. J. Henderon and K. P. Sherman

A. L. H. Moss. N. Waterhouse and P. L. G. Townsend

H. J. C. Rashleigh-Belcher and A. Baliham

J. A. McGuigan, M. J. G. O’Reilly and J. R. Nixon

S. J. King, W. A. Seaie and K. Ametewee

C. Tauber, M. NoSand C. Malkin

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C. F. Harvey, J. M. Hood and B. Lee

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Ave Atque Vale

Early prognosis in traumatic tetraplegia Multiple traumatic limb amputations Penetrating injury of the spinal cord

Cervical myelopathy and transient tetraplegia during free-fall parachuting: a case report



Triple fracture-dislocation of the lower limb Bilateral simultaneous fracture of the femoral neck followmg electrical shock



Association of recurrent anterior dislocation of the shoulder with free-fall parachuting Solitary myeloma in chronic osteomyelitis presenting as a lower femoral fracture






Report of Symposium. Head protection-The state of the art

Traumatic ventricular septal defect: a case report Clinical experience with a new hydrogel wound dressing Extracranial insults and outcome in patients with acute head injury-relationship to the Glasgow Coma Scale Thoracic injuries in road traffic accidents: analysis of 148 cases



Who uses the Accident Service?

Transmission of pressure into the human limb from pneumatic splints

41 Free vascularized fibular graft to reconstruct early a traumatlc humeral defect

47 Pneumoperitoneum in a sports diver

49 Popliteal arterial thrombosis resulting from disruption of the upper tibia1 epiphysis

51 A new sign in anterior dislocation of the hip jmnt



The inverted Y approach to the talus and ankle joint

Acute left anterior descending coronary artery occlusion following blunt chest injury



Traumatic pancreatic fistula with associated gastro-colic tistula

Initial assessment of the elTect of the compulsory use of seat belts on car occupants’ injuries, and the Trauma Department work- load

63 Weight-relieving cast for comminuted OS c&s fractures- A preliminary report

65 67


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