XPC Control Target A/D Converter P10021

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XPC Control Target A/D Converter P10021. 4051 MUX. Counter. Internal Clock. LVAD. In/Out. Ground. Out/In. 15V. Counter. 4051 DEMUX. Motor Controller. 2 Sum. Op-Amplifiers 4 Diff. Op-Amplifiers. 4051 DEMUX. Counter. Internal Clock. PWM Generator (4 Amplifiers). Out/In. Ground. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of XPC Control Target A/D Converter P10021

  • XPC Control TargetA/D ConverterP100214051 MUXInternal ClockCounter4051 DEMUXCounterOut/InIn/Out4051 MUXInternal ClockCounter4051 DEMUXCounterOut/InIn/OutGround15VMotor ControllerVoltage Regulator5, 12, 15, Ground2 Sum. Op-Amplifiers4 Diff. Op-AmplifiersPWM Generator(4 Amplifiers)LVAD13 Pins of DV 15

  • Current pumps on the market use a cable about the size of a coaxial lineAvailable CablesHeartAssist 5 Pediatric VADBerlin Heart: INCOR PumpCable: Silicone

  • Concept Selection: Signal Transmission SystemABCDMICS 400 - 405 MHzBluetooth 2.4 GHzOFDM Over One Wire2 Multiplexed WiresSelection CriteriaWeightRatingNotesWtdRatingNotesWtdRatingNotesWtdRatingNotesWtdInter-group compatibility2242424.0036.00Interference53Reserved Medical Band151Unlicensed 2.4GHz Band53Orthogonal Signals15.00315.00Size243x5x10 mm836x6x1 mm61Requires multiple parts2.001Requires multiple parts2.00Data Rate32800kbps633 Mbps94500kbps plus wire transfer12.003Wire Transfer9.00Power34-16dBm121-6 to 4 dBm326.0039.00Wire number reduction542 wires2042 wires2033 wires15.0014 wires5.00Availability of Parts5124-lead?54Widely202Requires multiple parts10.004Requires multiple parts20.00Scope of Project falls within rigorous time line61Difficult test platform62Difficult test platform122Unfamiliar topic12.00424.00Reliability82Possible loss of signal161Attenuation of frequency84Partially wired for control32.004Wired connection32.00Security62Wireless Hacking121Blue Jacking64Wired Signal24.004Wired Signal24.00Low probability of error71Signals sent in separate packets71Signals sent in separate packets73Signals sent on orthogonal channels21.004Less signal processing28.00Total Score104.0093.00132.00146.00

  • 4 currents3 currents8 signalsPumpInterior Electronics (Proposed)72 bitsDifferential/Summing Amps6 Total12-bit A/D6 TotalTransmitter6 signalsHESAHall Effect Sensor Array2 TotalAMBActive Magnetic Bearing2 Total5V12V15V72 bits5 bitsWireless Signal Transmission (INT)FPGAFor Signal ProcessingClock

  • Motor Control SignalPWM Control Signals(4 or 8)Miniaturization ProjectControlXPcTargetExterior Electronics(Proposed)ReceiverTransmitter72 bits72 bits5 bitsWireless Signal Transmission (EXT)6 signalsFPGAFor Signal ProcessingClock5 bitsRequires 2 Wires 15 V Line Ground LineBenefits Eliminates all signal wiresCons 300kHz channels require data in packets Higher bit error rate Limited products available

  • 4 currents3 currents8 signalsPumpInterior Electronics (Proposed)72 bitsDifferential/Summing Amps6 Total12-bit A/D6 TotalUSB Transceiver6 signalsHESAHall Effect Sensor Array2 TotalAMBActive Magnetic Bearing2 Total5V12V15VMulti-Channel Single Wire Signal (INT)Motor ControllerPWMAmps4 Total1 signal4 signals72 bits5 bits5 bits1-bit Registers

  • Miniaturization ProjectControlXPcTargetExterior Electronics(Proposed)USB Transceiver72 bitsMulti-Channel Single Wire Signal (EXT)5 bitsRequires 3 Wires 15 V Line Ground Line 1 Signal WireBenefits Allows for wider bandwidth Decrease probability of error More control of channelConsData rate may be too fast72 bits5 bits

  • Concept Selection - MaterialsTitaniumSiliconeUHMWPEPolyurethane Selection CriteriaWeightRatingNotesWtdRatingNotesWtdRatingNotesWtdRatingNotesWtdEase of Fabrication75Machine Block358Room Temp. Cast or Overcoating565Machine Block355Unknown35FDA Approved for Similar Applications810Abiocor control case802Many165Prosthetics407Abiocor pump56Availability57Off-the-shelf355Special order259Off-the-shelf453Angioflex, trademarked15High Thermal Conductance3715 W/m-K2130.3 W/m-K930.5 W/m-K93Assumed < 1W/m-K9Low Wireless Interference200918510510Low Weight634.4 g/cc1891 g/cc5490.9 g/cc5491.2 g/cc54High Durability1010No corrosion10010Inert1007Inert707Inert70Total Score289278263249Rank1234

  • 8 currents3 currents8 signalsPumpInterior Electronics (Proposed)HESAHall Effect Sensor Array2 TotalAMBActive Magnetic Bearing2 Total5V12V15VWire- Less Proposal (INT)3-bit CounterClock1:5 MultiplexerWired Signal6:1 MultiplexerWired SignalMotor ControllerPWMAmps4 TotalDifferential/Summing Amps6 Total

  • WiredSignal4 PWM Control Signals1 RelaySignalMiniaturization ProjectControlXPcTargetExterior Electronics(Proposed)1:6 MultiplexerWire- Less Proposal (EXT)Clock3-bit Counter5:1 MultiplexerCounterRequires 4 Wires 15 V Line Ground Line 2 Signal Wire(1 Clock sync wire)WiredSignal6 positionsignalsBenefits Cost Effective Wired signal more reliable than wirelessCons Signal only available fraction of time Will require synchronization commands with project 10021