XBRL Policy Statement Launch Event “eXtensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL ... ??2016-12-07Standing for trust and integrity XBRL Policy Statement Launch Event “eXtensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL) – The impact on accountants and auditors” Friday 26 February 2010 2 Standing for trust and integrity XBRL ...

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Standing for trust and integrityXBRL Policy Statement Launch EventeXtensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL) The impact on accountants and auditorsFriday 26 February 2010Standing for trust and integrity2XBRL publications - accounting and auditingXBRLIAASBQ&A XBRL: The Emerging LandscapeJanuary 2010IASB/IASCFDiscussions at SAC meetingFebruary 2010FEEPolicy Statementon XBRLDecember 2009EC Consultation and Revision of Transparency Directive2009/2010CESRConsultation on Standard Reporting FormatsOctober 2009UK Auditing Practice Board XBRL tagging in financial statementsJanuary 2010The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA): XBRL: The view of stakeholders 2009SECfinal rules for operating companies early 2009ICAEW Digital Reporting Options for Europe October 2009Standing for trust and integrity3The paradoxAccountantsXBRLAccountants are founding / funding / active members of all XBRL jurisdictions in Europe. However, XBRL is not yet mainstream and more efforts on awareness are required.XBRL is enhancing reporting, supported by the accountancy profession.However not always clear on the different functions of the financial reporting chain.Standing for trust and integrity4FEE XBRL Policy StatementFEE position on XBRLFEE supportsXBRL while acknowledging challengeswidespread adoption of XBRL where appropriate circumstances prevail a clear lead and support from the relevant authorities robust cost-benefit analysis that justifies the implementation of XBRLStanding for trust and integrity5Accountants contribution (1)Accountants involvement?REPORTING12341. Assurance on the various taxonomies used?2. Assurance on company extensions?3. Assurance on internal control environment using XBRL?4. Assurance on tagging data?Standing for trust and integrity6Accountants contribution (2)Accountants involvement?REPORTINGAudit reports on financial statements?The same as today? 5678Assurance reports to regulators? Assurance reports on analysts reports? Assurance reports?Same as the others?


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