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  • Smart Water for Smart Cities

    Arc Flash Mitigation Enhancing Personnel SafetyTerry L. SchiazzaLow Voltage Offer MarketingSeneca (SC) Plant

    Sponsored by the Water Wastewater

    Competency Center

    Columbus, OH

    May 2013

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  • Enhancing Personnel Safety

    Five to ten arc flash explosions occur in electrical equipment every day in the United States

    -According to statistics compiled by Cap-Schell, Inc., a Chicago-based research and consulting firm that specializes in preventing workplace injuries and deaths


    Smart Cities are Safe Cities

  • Arc Flash Video

  • Picture from Schneider Electric 484EN Guide (Internal arc guide, theory and phenomena)

    Arc Flash Characteristics

  • Arc Flash Mitigation Solutions

    Prevention / Avoidance

    Passive ContainmentEnergy Redirection

    Installation Considerations

    Plenums (ductwork)

    Size of Equipment

    Equipment location

    Passive ProtectionVirtual Mains

    Zone Selective Interlocking

    Bus Differential Relays

    Low Arc Flash CB

    High Resistance Grounding

    Arc Flash Sensing Relay-

    VAMP technology

    Active ProtectionArc Flash Sensing Relay

    with Arc Quenching technology Interactive Protection

    Arc Flash

    Energy-Reducing Maintenance Switches

    System (Equipment) Design

    De-energize Equipment

    Site Safety Procedures

    Intelligent MCCs

    AF Mitigating Features

    Electric Operated CBs


  • Arc Flash Video

  • ANSI C37.20.1 Power-Zone 4 Drawout SwitchgearANSI C37.20.7 Arc Resistant (ANSI C37.20.1 Power-Zone 4 Drawout Switchgear)

    North America Low Voltage Arc Resistant Offer

  • Schneider Electric SpecTech 2012, November Update 9

    IEEE STD C37.20.7-2007

    IEEE guide for testing metal- enclosed switchgear rated up to 38 kV for internal arcing faults

    A procedure for testing and evaluating the performance of metal-enclosed switchgear for internal arcing faults is covered. A method of identifying the capabilities of this equipment is given. Service conditions, installation, and application of equipment are also discussed.

  • Schneider Electric SpecTech 2012, November Update 10

    Low Voltage Switchgear

    Magnum DS

    (Type 2B)


    (Type 2B)

    MNS SG

    (Type 2B)

    Entellisys 4.5

    (not tested to C37.20.7)

    (utilizes Siemens WL, may also use Eaton Magnum DS)

  • ArcBlok Patented TechnologyInternal Arc Gas Management System

    Prevents and Controls Arcing Cluster Shields

    Cradle Barriers

    Arc Ventilation

  • Schneider Electric SpecTech 2012, November Update 12

    Testing Standard


    UL witnessed and Certified

    Reinforced Enclosure

    60 D minimum

    Optimized ventilation system for maximum heat transfer

    Baffle compartment assembly


    5000A Bus and 5000A Breaker

    100 kAIR up to 635 Vac

    Type 2B

    Breaker and Cradle

    Masterpact ArcBlokTM

    (patented design)

    Cell Keying

    Optional Features

    Insulated Bus


    Zone Selection Interlocking

    High Resistant Grounding

    Energy Reduction

    Maintenance Switch (AMS)

    Breaker Remote Racking

    Power-Zone 4 Arc Resistant Highlights

  • What is the Standard for Low Voltage Motor Control Centers?

  • Low Voltage Motor Control CenterA Standard Dilemma.Resolved

    IEEE PC37.20.7, Draft 4

    Apr. 2013, Annex H

    Purpose of the Annex is to provide specific information

    for test sample configuration, testing methods, test assessment, and additional ratings that are specific to MCCs (UL845)

    Terry Schiazza and Rick Tanner are active members of the IEEE PC37.20.7 Working Group

    There currently

    is no Standard or Guide for testing Low Voltage Motor Control Centers for internal arcing faults however based on recent decisions within IEEE, AR MCCs will now be covered in Annex H of the standard.

    The most important test parameters

    for determining equipment capability

    is establishing -

    The preferred rated arcing duration test (H.3)The means of establish an arc to produce enough ionized gas quickly enough to prevent premature extinction at lower voltages (H.4)

    Current discussions within the working group indicate that the minimum arcing duration test will be no less than 100ms

  • Schneider Electric SpecTech 2012, November Update 15

    Low Voltage MCC

    FlashGard (with arc flash features)

    ArcShield (tested to C37.20.7-Type 2A)


    (tested to C37.20.7-Type 2A,

    UL test-validated)

    Evolution E9000 (no advertised offer)

    MNS (tested to C37.20.7)

  • Internal Arc Gas Management

    Shroud Power Stabs

    Vertical Bus Isolation

    Ventilated Mid-Shelf

  • Model 6 Arc Resistant HighlightsTesting Standard

    C37.20.7 (Annex H) UL witnessed

    Reinforced Enclosure12 gauge steelAdditional hardware Metal Control Station PlateFilter box (VFD)Baffle compartment assembly

    Ratings65 kAIR @ 600 VacType 2A100 ms (Stage 1)500 ms (Stage 2)2000A Bus (Stage 1)2500A Bus (Stage 2)

    Optional Features Insulated BusAutomatic Bus ShuttersPlenums

    Additional topmid bracket

    Reinforced door

    with hinges Additional bottom

    mid bracket

    Clip on FastLead Screws

    Metal ControlStation Plate

    Filter Box for Thermal Ventilation

  • Appendix

    Smart Water forSmart CitiesSlide Number 2Slide Number 3Slide Number 4Slide Number 5Arc Flash Mitigation SolutionsSlide Number 7Slide Number 8Slide Number 9Low Voltage SwitchgearSlide Number 11Slide Number 12Slide Number 13Low Voltage Motor Control CenterLow Voltage MCCSlide Number 16Model 6 Arc Resistant HighlightsSlide Number 18