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  • Gabriela Mara Martnez Mira.

    Workbook Units 6-7.

  • Gabriela Martnez. Gabriela Martnez was born in San Salvador in 1989 but she lives in Cuscatancingo.

    She is 24 years olds and her first lenguage is Spanish but stady English.

    She speaks very well but his writing is not very good.

  • 1.Complete the chart. Use Words from the box. (Some of the words can be both individual sports and exercise)

    Aerobics Football Swimming

    baseball Jogging Tennis

    basketball stretching Volleyball

    bicycling soccer Yoga

    Team Sports Individual Sports


    Baseball Basketball Volleyball Soccer Football

    Swimming Tennis Bicycling

    Strtching Yoga Jogging Aerobics.

    2.Arrange these words to make sentences or questions.

    1. go never I almost bicycling

    I almost never go bicycling.

    2. hardly they tennis play ever

    They hardly ever play tennis.

    3. go do often jogging how you

    How often do you go jogging?.

    4. ofen mornings do on we yoga Sunday

    We often do yoga on Sunday mornings.

    Team Sport.

    Individual Sport.


  • 5. Ever Charlie do does aerobics

    Does Charlie ever do aerobics?.

    6. Do on you what usually do on Saturday

    What do you usually do on Saturdays?

    3.Use these questions to complete the conversations.

    How oftenn do you .. ? Do you ever ? What do you usually ?

    1. A : Do you ever exercise? B: Yes, I often on weekends .

    2. A: What do you usually do on weekennds? B: Well, I usually do Karate on Saturdays and yoga on Sundays.

    3. A: Do you ever go to the gym after work? B: No, I never go to the gym after work.

    4. A: How often do you exercise? B: I dontt exercise very often at all

    5. A: Do you ever play sport son weekends? B: Yes, I sometime play sport son weekends-usually baseball.

    6. A: What do you usually do in your free time? B: I usually play tennis in my free time.

    4.Keeping fit?

    A. Check how often you do each of the things in the chart.

    Every day Once or twice a week

    Sometimes Not very often


    Do aerobics Play basketball exercise Go jogging Do karate Play soccer Go swimming Do weigth training

  • B. Write about yourself using the informtion in the chart. My parents always

    involved in sports so i always make time to regulary exercise and be healthy.

    5. Complete this conversation.

    Write the correct prepositions in the correct places.

    Susan: What time do you go jogging in the morning ?. (around / in /on)

    Jerry: I always go jogging at 7: 00. (at / for /on) How about you,susan ? Susan: I usually go jogging around noon. (around / in / with ) I jog for about an hour. (at / for / until) Jerry: And do you also play sports in your free time ?. (at / in / until) Susan: No, i usally go out with my classmates. (around / for / with) What about you ? Jerry: i go yo the gym on Mondays and wednnesdays. (at / on / until) And sometimes i go bicycling on weekends. (for / in / on) Susan: Wow! You really like to stay in shape.

    6. Complete the crossword puzzle.


    4. Pierre never exercise. Hes a real couch potato. 6.How often do you yoga? 7. I like to stay in shape. I play sports every day.

    8.Jeff does weinght training every evening. He lifts weights of 4 kilos.

    1.F 2.F 3.A

    4.E X E R C I S E

    5.F E T R

    6.D O 7.S H A P E N O

    O W E B

    8.T R A I N I N G S I

    B M O S C

    A M E S

    L I S

    L N

    10.J O G G I N G

  • 10. Diana goes jogging twice a week. She usually runs about three miles.


    1.Andrew always watches T.V in his free time.

    2.Kate has a regular fitness program.

    3.I do aerobics at the gym three times a week. The teacher plyas great music !.

    5.Paul i son the football team at his high school.

    7.Marie never goes swimmning when the wter is cold.

    9.Amy often goes bicycling on weekends.

    7.Fun Activities.

    A. Read these ads. How can someone get more information about the programs in

    each ad ?.

    1.Hiking Club: Website

    2.Adult Education Program: For more information, pick up up our brochure at

    any Star Supermarket.

    3.Community Center: Calling to 888-55.9916.


    See us online


    We go on a different

    Hike every weekend.

    Sometimes w ego

    on two-day hike and

    camp overninght!

    Do you enjoy the outdoors ? DO you need exercise ?

    Do you like walking and meeting new poeple ?

    Join the Hiking Club !

  • 2. Adult Education Program at Monroe High School

    Monday and Tuesdays, 6:00-9: 00 PM

    Fall clases: Social networking; buyin and selling online; cooking; salsa dancing; spanish, arabic, and Italian language clases


    For more information, pick up our brochure at any Star Supermarket

    Or the public library

    3. Come to the Community Center ! Check out Single,

    Our new couples,

    Activities ! and familes Welcome.

    Aerobics, For anyone

    Table tennis, from

    Yoga 9 to 90 Friday night,

    Teen disco.

    Satuday night,

    Seniors night.

    Call us at 888-555-9916.

  • B. Where can you do these activities? Check ( x ) the anwers.

    Hiking Club. Adult Education Program.

    Community Center.

    Play indoor sports. Do outdoor activities. Take evening clases. Go dancing. Learn to cook. Meet new people.







    8.Choose the correct responses.

    1. A: How often do you go swimming, Linda? B: Once a week.

    I guess Im Ok. Once a week. About an hour.

    2. A: How long do you spend in the pool?

    B: About 45 minutes ago.

    About 45 minutes ago.

    About average.

    About three miles.

  • 3. A: And how well do you swim?

    B: Im about average.

    Im not very well.

    I almost never do.

    Im about average.

    4. A: How good are you at other sports?

    B: Not very good, actually.

    Not very good, actually.

    I sometime play twice a week.

    Pretty well, I guess.

    9. Look at the answers. Write questions using how.

    1.A: How long do you spend exercising?

    B: I dont spend any time at all. In fact, I dont exercise.

    2.A: How often do you go for a walk?

    B: Almost every day. I really enjoy it.

    3.A: How much time do you spend jogging?

    B: I spend about an hour jogging.

    4.A: How good are you at soccer?

    B: Im pretty good at it. Im on the school team.

    5.A: How well do you play basketball?

    B: Basketball? Pretty well, I guess. I like it a lot.

    10. Rewrite these sentences.Find another way tos ay each sentence using the words given.

    1. I dont watch TV very much. I hardly ever match TV. (hardly ever) 2. Tom exercises twicw a month. Tom doesnt exercise very often. (not very often) 3. Philip tries to keep fit. Philip tries to stay in shape. (stay in shape)

    4. Jill often exercises at the gym.

  • Jill often Works out at the gym. (work out) 5. I go jogging with my wife al the time. I always go jogging with my wife. (always)

    6. How good are you at tennis? How good do you play tennis? (play)

    11. What do you tink about sports? Answer these questions.

    1. Do you like to exercise for a short time o long time? I like to short time. 2.Do you prefer exercising in the morning or in the evening? I prefer to exercising in the morning. 3. Which do you like better, walking or jogging? I like walking. 4. Do you like to watch sport sor play sports? I like to watch sports. 5.Which do you like better team sport sor individual sports? I like team sports. 6.What sport or game dont you like?

  • I dont like american football.

    1. Past Tense. A. Write the simple past of these regular verbs.

    1. cook : cooked 4. love : loved 7. visit : visited

    2. enjoy : enjoyed 5. study : studied 8. wash : washed

    3. invite : invited 6. try : tried 9. watch : watched

    B. Write the simple form of these irregular past verbs.

    1. buy : bought 5. sleep : slept

    2. give : gave 6. spend : spent

    3. meet : met 7. take : took

    4. see : saw 8. go : went

    C. Use two verbs above and write sentences about th