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Work smarter with document collaboration in the cloud - Dell · PDF fileScan Features Optical Character Recognition (OCR) format ... , Multi-TIFF,JPEG, PNG), PDF, Google Doc format

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  • Todays businesses are converting paper documents to digital files for easier archiving, editing and sharing, and rapidly adopting cloud storage services as an alternative to costly storage hardware.

    Dell Document Hub is your gateway to seamless digital collaboration capabilities, secure mobile convenience, and simplified accessibility to your digital files and documents in the cloud.

    Scan the QR code above to register for a free account, or visit:

    Work smarter with documentcollaboration in the cloud

    DellTM Document Hub

  • Seamless digital collaboration


    multiple cloud services: Box, Dropbox, Google

    Drive, Microsoft SkyDrive and Microsoft

    SharePoint Online 2013.


    editable digital files (such as Microsoft Word, Excel

    and PowerPoint) using a Dell Document Hub-






    Dell Document Hub.

    Accessibility across the cloud


    simultaneously with the aggregated

    search function2.


    single Dell Document Hub interface.



    panel before printing.

    Secure sign-on from multiple access points





    through the Dell Document Hub app4 on your

    mobile devices.


    standards5 to safeguard your data transfer.

    Your personalised gateway to multiple cloud services for simplified file sharing and management

    Access on Dell Document Hub-enabled printer, convert scanned documents to editable files1, and transfer them directly to the cloud

    Access on Dell Document Hub application4, monitor printer and toner status, and initiate purchase of consumables

    Search for and print documents directly in the cloud3


    subject to individual cloud service.3.AccesstoDellDocumentHubaccountsmaybeaffectedbygeographicaldifferencesandlimitedtothecountryinwhichtheuserregisteredtheaccount.4.CompatiblewithMicrosoft Windows 8, 8.1 and RT devices.5.DatacentreiscomplianttoISO27001,SAS70,SSAE16,SOC1,SOC2.ContenttransmissionissecuredwithAES265bitSSLencryption.128bitRC4encryptedPDF.Routinesecuritymaintenance.

    Cloudservicesarewidelyusedacrossthe world, and their universal access points make the cloud an ideal tool for simple,cost-effectivedigitalcollaborationwithin and across businesses. Files can be uploaded, edited and shared around the world, all within a single cloud service.

    Dell understands the benefits of cloud computingandoffersaservicethat takes those possibilities even further with Dell Document Hub.

    Dell Document Hub

  • a. Edit your profile

    b. Configureyourconnectionsbetween Dell Document Hub and cloud services

    c. Send out invitations to join Dell Document Hub (for company accounts only)

    1. Supports the following cloud service: Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft SkyDrive and Microsoft SharePoint Online 20132.CompatiblewithMicrosoft Windows 8, 8.1 and RT devices.3.Foralimitedperiod,youwillenjoyOpticalCharacterRecognition(OCR)and/orotherfeatureswithinDellDocumentHubforfree.Thisintroductoryofferisavailableuntil31March2014.4.AuseraccountisrequiredforDellDocumentHubaccess.Forregistration,

    subject to individual cloud service.

    Dell Document Hub FeaturesDell Document Hub-enabled printer

    Dell Document Hub application2

    Create accounts on cloud services, or use your existing accounts

    Create a Dell Document Hub account

    Dell Document Hub web portal

    Access Dell Document Hub through compatible printer or application2




    Microsoft SkyDrive:

    Microsoft SharePoint Online 2013:

    a. Register at the Dell Document Hub web portal:

    b. After account creation, you will be prompted to connect your existing cloud service accounts1 to your Dell Document Hub account





    Scan directly to multiple cloud services

    Convertscanneddocumentstoeditablefileswith OpticalCharacterRecognition(OCR)3

    Search across multiple cloud services simultaneously4

    Browse multiple cloud services through a single interface

    File preview before printing

    Print directly from multiple cloud services

  • Product Specifications

    Compatibility Supported printer model DellColorMultifunctionPrinterC2665dnf

    Mobile Application Dell Document Hub app for Microsoft Windows 8, 8.1 and RT

    Supported cloud services Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft SkyDrive and Microsoft SharePoint Online 2013

    Scan Features Optical Character Recognition (OCR) format

    Microsoft Office 2007andabove(XLS,XLSX,PPTX,DOC,DOCX),SearchablePDF,RTF,SecuredPDF (RC4,128-bit)

    Image format TIFF,Multi-TIFF,JPGandPDF

    Image Enhancements Deskew, Auto-rotation & Blank Page Removal

    Print Features File search Search for files across multiple cloud services that are connected to the Dell Document Hub account for printing

    File browsing Navigate and browse files from the connected cloud services for printing

    File sorting Sort attributes includes; File name by ascending/descending order Cloudservices(applicableformulti-sitesearch)

    Preview Upto3pagesand10selectedfiles.Nopreviewavailableforencryptedfilesorunsupportedfiles

    Print format Microsoft Office2003andlater(Word,ExcelandPowerpoint,XLS,XLSX,PPT,PPTX,DOC, DOCX);Image(TIFF,Multi-TIFF,JPEG,PNG),PDF,GoogleDocformatinGoogleDrive; Open Document format (odt/fodt, ods/fods, odp/fodp); plain text

    Security Features SSL certificate RSA2048bitKeyLength

    SSL encryption 256-bitencryptiontoprotectdataattransit

    Data Encryption AES256-bitencryptiontoprotectdataatrest

    Data Center Security Compliance


    Dell Document Hub Web Portal


    Browser compatibility Microsoft InternetExplorer9andlater,Mozilla FirefoxTM 21 and later, GoogleChromeTM 28 and later, Safari5andlater

    Functions DellDocumentHubaccountregistrationandactivation;ConnectcloudservicestoDocumentHubaccount; Edit user profile; Account deletion; Send invitations to join Document Hub (only for company account)

    Supported Language

    Web UI supported language English,German,French,Spanish,Italian

    OCR supported language English,French,Italian,German,Spanish,Danish,Dutch,NorwegianandSwedish

    2013DellCorporationLimited.Dell,theDelllogoandDellTonerManagementSystemareregisteredtrademarksortrademarksofDellInc.Othertrademarksandtradenamesmaybeusedinthisdocument to refer to either the entities claiming the marks and names or their products. Dell disclaims proprietary interest in the marks and names of others. Microsoft, SkyDrive, SharePoint Online, WindowsandWindowsNTareregisteredtrademarksortrademarksofMicrosoftCorporation.AndroidandGoogleCloudPrintareregisteredtrademarksofGoogleInc.iPad,iPhone,iPod,andiPodtoucharetrademarksofAppleInc.,registeredintheU.S.andothercountries.AirPrintandtheAirPrintlogoaretrademarksofAppleInc.DellProducts,DellHouse,TheBoulevard,CainRoad,Brack-nell,Berkshire,RG121LF,UK.Productavailabilityvariesbycountry.PleasecontactyourDellrepresentativeformoreinformation.Specifications are subject to change without notice. Dell cannot be responsible for errors and omissions in typography or photography.

    A13002311 - Dell Document Hub - Oct 2013