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WOIS/The Career Information System. Washington’s Premier Resource for Career and Educational Planning. What is WOIS?. WOIS provides Career Questionnaires Career Information Post-High School Training Information College Information - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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WOIS/The Career Information SystemWashingtons Premier Resource for Career and Educational PlanningWOIS/The Career Information System1What is WOIS? WOIS providesCareer QuestionnairesCareer InformationPost-High School Training InformationCollege InformationWOIS information is updated annually and covers most of the careers and training opportunities in Washington State.Career and educational planning using WOIS can motivate students to do well in school and work toward their goals.WOIS/The Career Information System2Why use WOISWOIS can helpIdentify occupations, training programs and schools of interestCreate career and education plansProvide relevance and motivation to students WOIS/The Career Information System3Teens with Plans Achieve MoreTeens who carefully consider their goals and the pathways to reach them, and anticipate potential barriers, are more likely to succeed in life than their peers, and show better educational and occupational outcomes.If they begin planning at an early age about their life goals and the steps they need to reach them, this planfulness can be powerful in shaping the outcomes in later life.WOIS/The Career Information System4In High School Students Need to:Understand how individual personality, abilities and interests relate to career goalsDemonstrate skills that can apply to a variety of occupations and changing work requirementsUnderstand how high school education relates to college majors, further training and/or entry into the job marketWOIS/The Career Information System5WOIS Can Help! To Access WOIS:www.wois.orgThen enter your site keyWOIS/The Career Information System6

Answer questionnaires to discover how your interests match careers

WOIS/The Career Information System7Detailed Career InformationRelated OccupationsSkills and AbilitiesTraining RequiredRelated Educational ProgramsWagesOutlookOther ResourcesWOIS/The Career Information System8

Click on Training and Educational Programs to learn more about the training for this careerWOIS/The Career Information System9

Click on the title of the Educational Program to discover the schools that offer the training.WOIS/The Career Information System10

Educational Program Descriptions show Schools in Washington that offer the program and other Related Occupations.Click on a School title to get more information about the school.WOIS/The Career Information System11

Career Videos allow students to see workers in action and learn even more about the work environment.WOIS/The Career Information System12National School and Scholarship SearchesAll of the two and four year public and private colleges in the nationMore than 1.7 billion scholarships in a searchable databaseWOIS/The Career Information System13

First, click on Schools on the Menu Bar, then click on the name of a Washington school in the alphabetical list, or click on National College Search or National Scholarship Information.WOIS/The Career Information System14

WOIS/The Career Information System15

WOIS/The Career Information System16

WOIS/The Career Information System17Test PreparationPractice Tests forPSATSATACTASVAB

WOIS/The Career Information System18

WOIS/The Career Information System19Career and Educational Goals Help:Provide relevance (why do I have to learn this?)Provide motivation to do well and stay in school (many students who enter college without career goals drop out after their freshman year)WOIS/The Career Information System20

Im staying in high school or going to college because everybody says I have to is hardly a strong motivator.WOIS/The Career Information System21

Im going to work hard in high school and after high school because I want to be a (fill in the blank), and these classes are an important step toward getting there -- now thats more like it!WOIS/The Career Information System22