Why Are Blogs So Popular? Here's Why From The Beginning

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  • 1. Why Are Blogs So Popular? HeresWhy From The Beginning...

2. It is assumed that blogs are so popular for two main reasons. The first reason is simply because everyonewants to be heard. By posting your opinions, views, or experiences on the web, you are essentially being heardby anyone who reads your post. With more and more people reading blogs, you can count on more and morepeople reading yours as well. Expressing your opinions allows you to be free from any stress they may causewhen you keep them inside. A blog is a socially safe way toexpress your views without having to worry too muchabout a reaction from someone else. 3. The other main reason the blog is so popular is becausedue to amazing blogging software, it is so simple to do.When personal websites came onto the scene, everyonewanted one. The problem was that the good ones were very difficult to construct unless you had programming experience. Many people hired professionals to createtheir personal spaces. Blogs on the other hand, are very easy to create. Software allows you to post your thoughtsin a typing box and the system automatically updates itself when you are done. It could not be any easier. Because ofthese two reasons, people absolutely love blogs. They loveto post on their own blog and they love to read other blogs. The phenomenon is one that is so well loved it will likely continue to grow and grow. 4. Please visit:http://top10jobsfuture.com/form.php?id=3221for more info