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  • What You Need to Know.

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  • What You Need to Know.

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  • By the end of the session you will:Accept retirement equals change.Accept you OWN IT and need to PLAN.Know where to find a road map

  • CONSIDERATIONSCareer & Work Health & Wellness Finances & Insurance Family & Relationships Leisure & Social Personal DevelopmentLegal

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  • Career & Work Doesnt retirement mean stopping work? (the answer is yes and no)

    We all give different value to work some need to work, others cant wait to relax & play

    Getting a grip on your preferences is key to retirement preparation.

  • Family & Relationships: Flexibility Retirement is all about change; being flexible impacts how we deal with change

    Common retirement changes: Relationship dynamics with spouse/ partner Loss of spouse or partner (divorce/separation/death) Relationship dynamics with friends or former co-workers Relationship with family members

  • Leisure & Social: Preferences Six categories of leisure:

    4. Intellectual stimulation 5. Physical exercise 6. Solitary relaxation 1. Social interaction2. Spectator appreciation3. Creative expressionLeisure is a fundamental human need Paradox of leisure too much or too little can become stressful

  • Personal Development: Life Meaning Provides the sense we are part of a larger whole Living life on purposeCharacteristics:1. Live a meaningful life 2. Know where you are going 3. Having dreams 4. Believe change is good 5. Feel you are part of a larger whole 6. Believe change adds meaning to your life

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