What math do students learn? Second Grade. Focus on Understanding This year’s students will be learning the Mathematics Florida Standards (MAFS). One.

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What math do students learn? Second Grade

What math do students learn?Second Grade

Focus on UnderstandingThis years students will be learning the Mathematics Florida Standards (MAFS).

One of the most important things about the new standards is that students need to DEEPLY understand math concepts.

Critical AreasThe MAFS have Critical Areas for each grade level, these are the main focus of math instruction.

For Second Grade, these are:Extending understanding of base-ten notationBuilding fluency with addition and subtractionUsing standard units of measureDescribing and analyzing shapes Using grade-level appropriate mathematical practices

Report CardThe most important standards for Second Grade are evaluated on the report card:

*Demonstrates understanding of place value concepts up to 1,000*Uses and explains strategies to solve addition and subtraction problemsWrites equations to represent number relationships*Measures and estimates length using standard units and tells time to the nearest five minutesRepresents and interprets data in line plots, picture graphs, and bar graphs*Knows attributes of 2-D and 3-D shapes and partitions circles and rectangles into equal shares*Uses grade-level appropriate mathematical practices

*Denotes critical Power Standard for the grade level.

InvestigationsTo help build a deep understanding, we will be spending the majority of our time working with Investigations in Number, Data, and Space.

Investigations in ClassIn school, students:

investigate problems

work in collaborative groups

use various strategies

communicate thinking orally and in writing

play educational games

7Investigations at HomeAt home, students may be asked to:

practice an activity or game from class

collect some information to be used in class

solve a few problems and explain how they solved the problems

solve problems in more than one way

Helping at HomeYou can help your child by:

reading all of the Family Letters that are sent home

helping your child find a place at home to keep game materials and directions that are sent home

playing the games together that are sent home

Helping at Homeasking your child questions when they are stuck rather than giving them an answer

What do you need to find out?

How can you get started?

Have you done anything like this inschool?

keeping a positive attitude about math

A letter will be sent home to parents explaining how to get online access for themselves and their children.

10Helping at HomeOnline Student and Parent access to math software and Student Math Handbook

Parent ResourcesVisit the District websites Elementary Math page for more information about the 2nd Grade standards, our math program, and how you can assist your child:


Visit the Investigations website for games and activities to play online:


If you have time, it would be helpful to show parents this site.You may want to give parents copies of the NCTM article, Why does the math that my child brings home look different from the math I remember? This article can be found on the elem math website and is available in English, Spanish, and Creole. The How to Help Your Child with Investigations 13 minute video link from the district website is excellent you may want to recommend that parents watch this!12


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