What are some of the most popular Smart TV operating systems?

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<ul><li><p>What are some of the most popular Smart TV operatingsystems? </p><p>A glance at the specification sheet reveals the inclusion of dual Freeview and Freesat HDtuners, edge LED backlight technology, active-shutter 3D capabilities, and Smart TVfunctionalities bolstered by integrated WiFi, but the omission of gesture/ voice controls andbuilt-in webcam/ microphone (for Skype use) which are available on the step-up ES7000series. Lets see if we can uncover any more difference through our battery of tests,especially in terms of picture quality. </p><p>The Samsung UN40ES6100 is one of the latest models by Samsung in its TV product lineand as such houses the latest technological advancements that the company has made. ThisTV is marketed under the Smart TV category because it is capable of connecting to theinternet. This model displays a wide 40 inches and weighs only 26 pounds. It houses a1080p, 120Hz display backed by the LED technology which gives high definition images. Itsfeatures revolve around the TVs capability to connect to the internet. </p><p>In the absence of a home theatre system, the Sony Bravia KDL-40HX723 TV's own 3 X 10watts sound system has a surround sound preference which imitates the home cinemasound quite admirably. The clear voice audio setting clearly accentuates the human voice,helping dialogue to be easily heard over movie car chases, explosions and gunfire. Findmore about best smart tv reviews here </p><p>Panasonic's built-in media player has also been improved, so it will now happily play videoformats like MKV and DivX either locally from USB drivers or by streaming them from a PCacross a network. Design and connections </p><p>Sony have announced two Google TV add-on boxes in the form of a Blu-ray player and anetwork media player. These will ship in America and Europe shortly, and other parts of theworld can expect them to roll out afterwards. Both boxes have a completely new remote,featuring a backlit QWERTY keyboard with touchpad. The remote can also work as auniversal remote for other devices, while the Blu-ray player also supports voice search. Theaim and vision of television manufacturers has now progressed far beyond just delivering us</p></li><li><p>a great picture quality. The ability to seamlessly link our media, whether it be on our phones,tablets or computers, with our Home Televisions has become of paramount importance. Aplethora of new content, in the form of applications brimming with Movies, Television andMusic is shifting us away from the traditional way we consume such content - placing heavypressure on industries such as the traditional Video and Music Stores, and Cable / Pay TVcompanies like Foxtel and Austar. What we used to have to leave the house for, we nowhave at the wave of our hand. The days of the missing remote are fast disappearing, in factthe days of using a remote control are disappearing altogether. The idiot box has finallysmartened up!</p></li></ul>