Wellhead Solutions Roboto - INTECH Process SSV, WV, Choke Valve and other valve ... LTE, wireless radio ... INTECH's wellhead solutions come with packaged RTUs providing:

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  • WellheadAutomation

    Efficient Solutions for

    Oil and GasExtractions

  • IntroductionINTECHs Wellhead Automation Solutions cover design, manufacturing, installation, commissioning and operation & maintenance of Wellhead Systems on any location worldwide. Our wellhead products include generic and custom built vendor-neutral solutions which range from hydraulic control panels and subsea master control stations to wellhead RTUs and injection skids.

    INTECH Wellhead Control Panels provide safe and reliable operations. INTECHs solutions include:

    Wellhead Hydraulic Control Panels

    Single-well and multiple-well hydraulic control panelsSIL-3, Zone 1, certified componentsSCSSV, SSV, WV, Choke Valve and other valve controlSCSSV 5 - 7 minutes Equalization Logic incorporatedEnclosed assembly with integrated HPUHydraulic, Pneumatic, or Electric controls (with manual override option)Accumulators, filters and instrumentation for both LP and HP supply headersSequential open/close logic for ESDFront Panel DisplaysFusible Loop for local ESD

    INTECHs Intelligent Well Flow Controls help to optimize well flow and can be operated automatically, manually, or remotely as part of an intelligent completion. They help to selectively control multiple producing zones thereby maximizing productivity. Our solutions come

    Intelligent Well Flow Controls

    Backup and sustainable data logging which is capable of seamless integration with leading industrial SCADA and Historians Design based on industrys leading manufacturers of Instrumentation and Control equipment meeting the needs of critical applications and ensuring absolute reliability Active regional operation centers ensuring worldwide availability of resources.

  • SC-SSV



    Air or ElectricalSupply

    SSV Wing ActuatorPneumatic or Hydrolic

    SSV Master Actuator Pneumatic

    or Hydrolic

    Wellhead ChemicalInjection Skid





    Hydraulic Pressure to SC-SSV

    Solar PanelsESD Pressure

    Remote ESDStation






    ROD Pump

    Well Control Panel

    Pneumatic Pressure to Wing Valve

    INTECH systems are designed for maximizing output through:

    Wellhead SCADA

    Robust and compact solution scalable to aggregate remote fieldsMobile based applications for remote monitoringLatest and reliable communication technologies; including GSM, LTE, wireless radioVariable data transmission rate gives cost controlSMS and email based alarm notificationsRemote diagnostics and upgrade facility

    Remote Terminal Units (RTU): PCS, SIS, F&GINTECH's wellhead solutions come with packaged RTUs providing:

    Seamless integration of PCS, SIS and FGSStand-alone and integrated MCS operation capableReal-time data acquisition and monitoring for: ESD conditions Pump operators Valve pressure Remote monitoing (Telemetry Control)Conventional or solar powered solutions


    DATA HistorianSwitch


    Metering SkidTo Processing




    Artificial Lift SystemsINTECH provides automation expertise for all Artificial Lift Systems including Gas Lift Systems and Rod Pump Controllers. INTECH systems offer:

    Efficient lift synchronized with reservoir dataFewer system outagesOptimized output to prolong reservoir lifeBetter return on assetReduced maintenance costs

    INTECHs Wellhead Instrumentation Package includes:(b) Wellhead Instrumentation

    (a) Gas Conditioning (c) Chemical Injection Skids

    Wellhead Process Package

    Explosion proof ATEX, Baseefa, GOST-R, GOST-K certified packaged solutionsChemical injection to treat casing and pipeline Calibration & certification servicesReliable and efficient moisture conditioning to typical pipeline requirementsEfficient filtering of dust particles

    INTECH helps keep your assets secure and enhance monitoring with solutions that include:

    Communication and Surveillance

    Anti intrusionCCTVVideo Voice CommunicationData Communication

  • INTECH is a "One Stop Shop" for automation and its Wellhead Solutions deliver on that promise. INTECHs experienced engineers and well tested designs guarantee that you get the best fit for all your Wellhead Automation requirements. Our vast range of wellhead solutions allows INTECH to execute projects as the "Main Automation Contractor".

    INTECH The One Stop Shop

    More the 150 man years of evaluating, designing and manufacturing WHCPCertified Design (as per requirements)Customizable to field requirementsDesigned for extreme environmentsSequential Startup and Shutdown

    Wellhead Specs

    Panel Thermal Management

    Vortex coolers, Air conditioner, Fresh air cooling, Heat exchangers, Electric heaters, Panel insulation* components designed for NACE compliance

    Operating Conditions

    Operating Temperature Min -50 C

    Max 85 C

    Min -40 C

    Max 75 C

    120V AC / 60 Hz

    380V AC / 60 Hz

    24 VDC

    Solar Powered

    240V AC / 50 Hz

    440V AC / 50 Hz

    SCSSV, SSV, CV, UMV, WV upto 10,000 psi* 3,4,5 or greater valve circuit options* higher pressure systems can be supplied on request

    Design Temperature

    Hydraulic Pressure

    Electrical Power

    Corrosion resistant material suitable for hydraulic fluidsFiller BreatherFlame ArrestorLevel GaugingMagnetic Particle Collector* components designed for NACE applications


    Solenoid SupplyHydraulic Fluid Water Glycol Based

    Mineral Oil Based

    EEXD 3 way Universal


    Pneumatic supplyElectric Hydraulic PneumaticHand Pump

    AirCompressed AirN2Conditioned Raw GasRaw Gas +

    Pump Specs Pump Drive

    General Material of Construction

    Stainless steel (304, 316, 316L, etc.)Marine grade copper-free aluminium light alloy 1 ) External epoxy painting with colour on request 2 ) Internal anti-condensate painting* Material selection can vary depending upon customers requirement

    + Raw gas conditioning package as pnuematic drive to remove condesate, metal and sand particles

    Panel Certifications

  • What Our Customers Say...INTECH successfully completed the supply, design and commissioning of Hydro-Pneumatic Wellhead Control Panels to the entire satisfaction of OMV. We wish them success in their future endeavors.

    I would personally like to thank you for your vendor support based on my experiences over the last 12 to 18 months you are well ahead of the industry curve on this aspect. We will be sure to let others in the industry know.

    Sr. Systems EngineerProcurement & Contracts Manager

    The experience, knowledge and dedication of INTECH Process Automation team was instrumental in executing a professional job towards the Control and Safety Systems of the Project.

    Sr. I&E Engineer

    OEMEnd User EPC

    Vendor Expertise Standards & Certifications

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