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Welcome to Mrs. Noble’s Classroom

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Welcome to Mrs. Noble’s Classroom. English 12. SEATS.... Tomorrow I will write down where you are sitting. Please sit in that seat everyday. This will help me to learn your names faster. Thank You!. About Me… Mrs. Noble. Originally from Belleville, Ontario - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Welcome to Mrs. Noble’s Classroom

  • Welcome to Mrs. Nobles ClassroomEnglish 12SEATS....Tomorrow I will write down where you are sitting. Please sit in that seat everyday. This will help me to learn your names faster.

    Thank You!

  • About Me Mrs. NobleOriginally from Belleville, OntarioAttended McGill University; Bachelor of Science in English Literature & PsychologyCompleted a Bachelor of Education at the University of TorontoLived in Korea where I taught ESLThis is my 9th year with the Halifax Regional School Board; last year I was at Sackville High, the year before I was at C.P.A.I have two children: Maia (6 very soon) and Milo (just turned 4)

  • Our ClassroomBe respectful of the space.

    Cell phones and electronicsShould not interrupt your learning or anyone elsesQuickly, discreetly, educationalSuccess in your courses requires ACTIVE listening and participation.

    Be in class on time and prepared You are responsible for anything you miss when you are out of the room

  • Reading ExpectationsWe will be reading texts, sometimes as a class but often you will be asked to read independently. It is imperative that you are prepared to commit to reading the texts assigned in the class. You may not love every text; there may be texts you dont like. However, you are still required to complete the reading tasks. You should come to class every day prepared to read independently.

  • Writing ExpectationsThere will be a heavy focus on writing, in this course. (40% of grade)All writing you do counts and should be a sample of your best work. Please be attentive to structure, word choice, and matters of correctness.

  • Mark Breakdown and Exam MattersA students final mark= 70% Course Work + 30% Summative ExamSpeaking & Listening = 25%Reading & Viewing = 35%Writing & Representing = 40%

    ENG12 Academic is not eligible for exemptions.

  • Outcomes based assessmentYou have access to your grades USE POWERSCHOOL!!

    Your mark is divided into 3 categories: Reading and ViewingSpeaking and ListeningWriting and Representing

    I will not be putting marks in Power School until we have some marks for each category.

  • Due Dates & RewritesAssignments need to be turned in on time. After the final due date for any given assignment has passed, you will receive a zero in Power School.You are responsible for negotiating an extension before the due date if you need it.Rewrite Policy because sometimes you may need to try againYou may improve and resubmit any assignment to be re-graded (with a few exceptions) providing the assignment was handed in within 2 days of the initial due date.

  • You are Responsible for What is Covered in Class... If you are absent, out of the room, or out of focus...

    Check the daily plan on my website: a classmateAsk me

  • Extra Help/ One-on-One Instructions/ Feedback/ Motivation... You may come see me whenever you need to:Before SchoolAfter SchoolAt Lunch (Monday, Thursday, Friday)C-Block

    The good news is I will rarely keep you very long!

  • My WebsiteDaily AgendaLinks to assignments, resources, etc...SearchablePlease ask me if you need something that isnt there

  • First Assignment Follow the instructions on your handout to write me a letter of introduction.

    Please double space!

    DUE: Thursday February 6th

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