WELCOME ! Holiday Language Training with Leslie Zann.

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  • WELCOME !Holiday Language Training with Leslie Zann


    How do you find the time to stay consistent with your business during the holidays? You know you dont want to wake up on January 2nd with an empty funnel, having to restart your business all over again.

    The solution is learning to network in Prospecting Paradise. The holidays can be a fabulous time for networking and capturing new contacts. With the many parties, entertaining and activities you can enjoy connecting with friends and family and meeting new people.

    These are opportunities for networking, telling your story, getting contact information and making a date to follow-up.


    Identify at least THREE people that youd like to approach at each event. . . GO TO FACEBOOK and make mental notes of their last year activities or happenings.

    Have at least THREE QUESTIONS to ask them!

  • OPENING LINEASK THEM A QUESTIONFOCUS ON THEM! Leslie Zann: As you meet and interact with people during this holiday season, and take a sincere interest in whats happening in their lives youll enjoy many opportunities to share your passion for your business. Now, the party is not the time to go into great lengths talking about your products or business. Its the time to make authentic connections. Lets say someone at a party asks you about your job. You might say something like this ... My business is Real Estate but my passion is my Rodan + Fields business. OR Ive been a teacher for 15 years but my future is my Rodan + Fields business.

  • They ask: WHAT ARE YOU DOING?

    Oh! I am so excited! Im marketing a product that slows down the aging process. (Let them ask you, WHAT?) Have you heard about Proactiv? Well, the world renowned dermatologists who have made billions off Proactiv have now turned their attention of the Anti-Age market! I would love to give you a free Goody Bag

    Were here for the party Give me your cell number and Ill call you after the holidays?

  • As the conversation continues, you can tell your story, capture their contact information and make a date to connect at a later date.

  • Here is Leslie Zanns referral language you can personalize

    You know Im very focused on expanding my business here in and Im looking for people to join my team. Id love to get your contact information and give you a call or or and in just a few minutes I can tell you more. You may or may not have a personal interest, but Im hoping you can lead me to just the right person. Im looking for referrals. I went to every event with the attitude that I could have it all! I could comfortably combine socializing with my friends and family meet new people enjoy the party AND make some good connections. Sure I would go to parties to have fun. But I would never miss an opportunity to connect with terrific people. I learned to successfully network in Prospecting Paradise and you can too.

  • Leslie Zann: Before you look to the New Year, I recommend that you take some time to review 2012.

    First look back over the past year and identify areas in your business where you excelled and achieved ... grew and evolved.

    Enjoy this opportunity to acknowledge your strengths and where you were willing to step into your greatness.

    Even if you fell short of your ultimate goals, in what areas did you move in the right direction?

  • Next, and with compassion, identify the areas of your business where there is room for improvement.

    Where would you like to do better or feel more confident?

    In what areas would you like to step up to the plate more frequently?

    Great achievement starts with clarity and a willingness to take action

  • Finally, consider some intentions that you choose to TAKE into the New Year, or purposely NOT take into 2013.

    I know from experience how powerful this part of the exercise is so really give this some thought. Perhaps you've been frustrated by only having part-time hours. Since in the short term you cannot change the situation, why not make the intention to NOT carry the frustration into the New Year? Simply let it go!

  • Making the intention to either leave behind or bring forward certain attitudes and awareness is a powerful component to the process. And not just for your business,

    but in all areas of your life.

    Once you've taken the time to review 2012 and have identified where you excelled, where you would like to get stronger and some key intentions, you'll have a solid foundation for looking forward, setting your goals and designing your New Year.

  • Set a New Years Goal to BE THE LEADER you KNOW you can be!Belief ~ Company/Products/YOUShow UP for all corporate Events~ Make SURE you and your team are registered for Convention in Dallas!Surrender to the SystemSet a Goal and a PACE to hit your next promotion goal.Dont Settle Recognize the achievements of others on your teamDont play the Blame Game or Compare yourself to others.Stay plugged into to company, upline and local trainings and opportunities for support ~ calls, events, shared conference calls.Enthusiasm trumps knowledge every time!Remember Duplication is THE KEY!

  • New Consultant Training Tips by Leslie Zann

  • Sound bites to create a Company Story: MEMORIZE!!Doctors their credibilityName Brand Recognition we walk right into this! Products that create RESULTS! The Doctors purposefully chose this industry Timing 2.5 expected to grow to 5 billion. We are enjoying aggressive US expansion with global marketing on the horizon. When I heard about R+F and how I could be one of the first here in _____. I jumped on board! Show vision for being a global giant.Generous pay plan. Hey we hear stories every month of reaching goals of Leadership: 6 figure MONTHLY income earner and theInspite of a recession the company grows!! I am looking for sharp people as we expand and open up markets in _______. In less than 5 minutes to tell you what Ive got and what I am looking for!

  • The Sponsor needs to ASK yourself: How many people am I sponsoring? How many are promoting? How many are getting to Level II in their first month?

    Promote to your New Consultant that the way to get to Level II in their first FULL month is to 1. Work ON SYSTEMCalendar after Enrollment and schedule TWO BBLs first in the 14th day of enrollment LEVERAGE both events!

    Do not promote both events when they invite.

  • 3.Work with new consultant with inviting prospects to BBL. But also focus on the 14 days we are working NOW during these first 14 days to build your business NOW!Talk to people guests bring guests! Launch doesnt need to be an introduction, it can be validating what they already know.Work into and out of the BBL effectively! Leverage the event! Follow Up with 3 way calls.4.Set up initial training right after the enrollment give them homework to bring into the 1st training call:

  • Focus on: Role playing the prospecting language; the 3 way callsPhilosophy Share the philosophy of PACE!! EC in enrollment month and Level II in first full month! Set the Bar HIGH!!! We are building a foundation!Work the LIST with them! OKAY, who are the top leads for the day?

  • Questions:1.Who is #1 on the list? (Pat)2.How do you know Pat? (make notes) 3.Are you friends on Facebook?4.When was the last time that you spoke to her?5.Why did you think of her? (loves skin care/ she knows everyone)

  • Daily Personal DevelopmentIf your head is not in the game dont get on the courts!Commit time every day to fill your mind with positive information!

    Jim Rohn. For things to change, you have to change!

    Lottery winners their self worth has not raised to the level of the income and they lose ALL the money!

    Committing to Personal Development will UP the LEVEL for your mind set BUILD your self worth your self confidence and FULLY leverage the pay plan!


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