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1. Weekend Class: Helping children in Bac GiangOrganized by: Star GroupOctober 24, 2012At childrens houseEmail lopak20cbg1@gmail.com Class: 11 2. #2: Need for project In my community, there are many childrenwho have been landing in a difficultsituation. They are piteous because theydont have money to go to school. Weeneed help them by many ways. 3. #3:Goal The goal of my project is to help childrenlearn and get information abouteverything. After my project, I hope thesestudents will get knowledge and use themin life. 4. #4: Project Activities To achieve my goal of teaching thechildren, I organized a group of 5 studentsto come to the childrens houses. I willbring study tools and give to the children.Each students will teach a child. 5. #6: Result After my mini project, 5 childs who cantgo to school now know spelling, readingand writing. This will help them haveknowledge and live happy lives. 6. #5: Step by step planning My friends and I organized a class at childrenshouse on Sunday every week. We preparedmany things such as books, rulers, mini blackboards and pensWe teach children spellingand doing writing excercises. After period, the children were happy becausethey knew more many things. They now knowspelling and reading alphabet We give necessary tools for their studying. Wesubscrise many old textbooks for them.