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Members of the troop frequently participate in a Webelos-to-Scoutceremony, even when it is formally conducted by the Cub ScoutPack. During these occasions the troops participation greatlycontributes to the overall crossover experience. When Webelos arebeing recognized, frequently they cross a symbolic bridge from thepack to a troop. The troops presence should be as impressive aspossible. In this light, for most crossover ceremonies, there shouldbe a good assemblage of Scouts in attendance, wearing their mostcomplete troop meeting field uniforms. Naturally, if a troopneckerchief is to be presented, the troop members should bewearing theirs, and as always, Scout spirit should shine brightlythroughout the proceedings.The BridgeCrossing a bridge from a Cub Scout Pack to a Boy Scout Troop is asymbolic act. If theres no actual bridge, most packs build or borrowa simple, portable, wooden one thats rustic with railings made ofdead tree branches or rope, and floored with scrap lumber.Whats Presented During the CrossoverSince with each level in the pack theres been a correspondingneckerchief, if the troop has a troop neckerchief, presenting one toeach Webelos Scout crossing over is an appropriate symbolicgesture. The Webelos neckerchief is removed, and the pre-foldedtroop neckerchief is placed around the Webelos neck, either withthe same slide or with one provided by the troop. Doing so,ceremoniously, with the friendly participation of assigned troopleaders creates a memorable moment. In conjunction with this,exchanging the blue shoulder loops with olive green shoulder loopsprovides added impact. A Boy Scout Handbook as well as the troopsWEBELOS-TO-SCOUTCEREMONIESTroop Program Resources http://www.programresources.org/http://www.programresources.org/http://www.programresources.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/Webelos-to-Scout.jpgunit numeral (if different than that of the packs) can also bepresented at this time.Outdoor CeremoniesPerhaps the most impressive of all Webelos crossover settings is onewhere the troop is gathered around a lit campfire in an area distinctfrom, but in view of, where the pack has gathered. Optimally, there isan actual bridge separating the pack and troop locations. After theCubmaster addresses the Pack family and turns things over to theleader of the Webelos Den for his explanations and remarks, theSenior Patrol Leader from the troop, along with at least two otherjunior leaders, escort the appropriate Webelos Scouts (often withtheir parents) over the bridge, to the troops campfire, which hasbeen lit in their honor. Once over the bridge, the Scoutmaster andtroop leaders greet the Webelos who join the troops membersseated around the fire. At that time, a new member investitureceremony can commence.Simple Crossing The Bridge CeremonyIn attendance are the Webelos den leader, Scoutmaster, Scoutsrepresenting the troop, graduating Webelos Scout(s) and parents. Thebridge is placed up front, house lights are dimmed, and a bright LEDflashlight directs its beam on each end. The Webelos den leader, with thegraduating Webelos Scout(s) and parents, stand on one end of the bridge.On the other end is the Scoutmaster and troop representatives holding arolled troop neckerchief(s). Webelos Den Leader: During the years you have been in CubScouting, we have had numerous opportunities to work togetheralong the trail. Now [name(s) Webelos Scout(s)] is leaving the pack toenter Boy Scouting where I am sure you are going to make manynew discoveries and experience a wide variety of new adventures. To symbolize your growth and entrance into Boy Scouting, yourWebelos Scout neckerchief will now be removed. (Neckerchief(s)removed and handed to parents.) Now, please carefully cross over thebridge into Boy Scouting, and be welcomed by the Scoutmaster ofTroop (number). Scoutmaster: (Greets Webelos Scout with the Boy Scout handshake.)As Scoutmaster of Troop (number), it is indeed a pleasure for me towelcome you into the troop. We meet each week at (time) at (place).We shall look forward to seeing you at our next meeting.And now I present to you this Boy Scout neckerchief (Rolledneckerchief is placed around the Webelos neck.) May you wear it withpride. Its colors are those of Troop (number), which welcomes you asits newest member(s).Simple Pack Gathering Crossover Ceremony Invited are the Scoutmaster, an Assistant Scoutmaster, and theSenior Patrol Leader. The crossover bridge that the graduatingWebelos Scouts can walk across from the left side to the right side issituated up front. The Cubmaster and Assistant Cubmaster stand onthe left side of the bridge. The troop representatives are called upand stand on the right side of the bridge. The first Webelos Scout with his parents is asked to come forward.The parents stand to the left of the Cubmaster and the WebelosScout stands with his back to the bridge. The Cubmaster turns to the Webelos Scout and silently removeshis hat, and hands it to the Assistant Cubmaster to hold upsidedown. In turn, the following items are removed and placed in the hat:neckerchief slide, neckerchief, blue shoulder loops. The Assistant Cubmaster then hands the hat to the WebelosScouts parents. The Cubmaster shakes their hands and sends theparents in front of the bridge to the other side to stand with thetroop representatives. The Cubmaster and Assistant Cubmaster both shake hands withthe Webelos Scout, first with the Cub Scout handshake, and thenwith the Boy Scout handshake. The Webelos Scout then turns toface the bridge and crosses over. On the other side, the Scoutmaster, Assistant Scoutmaster, andSenior Patrol Leader put on olive green shoulder loops, and a troopneckerchief (if the troop uses one). Other items can be presented atthis time as well. After each graduating Webelos Scout crosses over, all theremaining Cub Scouts and attendees are instructed to stand andsalute the new Boy Scouts as they file out to form a receiving line atthe back of the room, from where they can greet everyone beforerefreshments are served.Rudyard Kipling Crossover CeremonyAkelas lines can easily be divided between the Cubmaster, AssistantCubmaster, Webelos Den Leader, and Assistant Webelos Den Leader. Akela: The moon is full, just as it was long ago on that night in thejungle when Mowgli first joined the wolf pack. It has been manyyears since Mowgli returned from living with the wolves. After hereturned, he taught us many of the lessons he learned while in thejungle. The most important was that the strength of the wolf is thepack, and the strength of the pack is the wolf. That is why we are here tonight in this council ring. But just asMowgli had to leave the pack, tonight we also have some man cubsamong us who have grown strong and tall. The time has now comewhen they too must leave the pack to find their place in the world ofmen. They have learned many lessons as they have walked the trails ofthe bobcat, tiger, wolf, and bear. Tonight, these cubs are ready tobegin their next adventure on their way to manhood. We will nothold them back, though we will miss them when they are gone.Instead, we will wish them well and send them into the wild wherethey will continue on their path. So let us begin. Parents, bring forward these man cubs. (Akelacalls out the names of the Cubs who will be crossing over. Parents andCubs come forward and face the rest of the pack.) Akela of men, do youhear me? Senior Patrol Leader: I hear you, Akela of the man cubs. What is itthat you want? Akela: We have among us several Webelos Scouts who havegrown tall in body and strong in character. They have learned wellthe ways of the pack, but now they yearn to run with older Scouts inthe wild places. They have been with the pack for many moons, andhave been a source of pride for us all. But now it is time that theymust leave us and search out greater adventure. Senior Patrol Leader: I understand you and I will accept them intomy tribe and guide them in those wild places. (Akela now leads theWebelos, one at a time, to the bridge between Cub Scouts and BoyScouts. After the Webelos neckerchief and blue shoulder loops areremoved, they cross the bridge to troop members waiting with Scouthandbooks, troop neckerchiefs, and green shoulder loops.) Akela: These Webelos Scouts are no longer with our pack, yet westill call on the Great Akela of all Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts toalways guide their way. We ask that the Great Akela watch overthem as they learn to soar with Eagles in the wild places. And, in thefullness of time, we pray that these boys will return, tall and proudand strong, and present their own man cubs to be accepted into thepack. But until then, let us send them on their way with a mightywolf howl.Back to top of pageBack to Ceremonies Main PageSearch TROOP LEADER RESOURCE LINKSAdvancement ResourcesAwards CentralBoy ScoutsGuide to Safe ScoutingSCOUTBOOKScouting Forms from the National CouncilScoutCastScouting MagazineScoutStuff.org (Retail Site)SCOUTINGWIRESign into MyScouting.orgTake Youth Protection TrainingThe Outdoor Adventure Planning GuideTroop Leader Guidebook AppendixUniformsSearch TROOP MEETING CHALLENGE VIDEOS50-Foot Rescue Relay Videohttp://www.programresources.org/ceremonies/http://www.scouting.org/advancement.aspxhttp://www.scouting.org/scoutsource/Awards_Central.aspxhttp://www.scouting.org/scoutsource/BoyScouts.aspxhttp://www.scouting.org/scoutsource/HealthandSafety/GSS.aspxhttps://www.scoutbook.comhttp://www.scouting.org/forms.aspxhttp://www.scouting.org/Scoutcast.aspxhttp://scoutingmagazine.orghttp://www.scoutstuff.orghttp://scoutingwire.orghttps://my.scouting.orghttp://troopleader.org/take-youth-protection-training/http://bsatap.orghttp://www.scouting.org/filestore/pdf/512-150_Appendix(15)_WEB.pdfhttp://bsauniforms.org/boyscoutshttp://www.programresources.org/50-foot-rescue-relay-video/A-Frame Chariot Race VideoAll Aboard VideoBandage Relay VideoBlind Train VideoBow Saw Relay VideoBowline Sheet Bend Draw VideoCatch the Snapper VideoCrossing the Alligator Pit VideoEveryone on the Tripod VideoFirst Aid Carry Relay VideoFlagpole Race Demo VideoFuzz Stick Relay VideoHandicap Obstacle Course VideoHelium Stick VideoHitching Challenge VideoHorizontal Half Hitching Race VideoHot Isotope Transport VideoLadder Building VideoLassoing the Steer VideoLift Seat Procession VideoNitro Transport VideoReactor Transporter VideoRescue Relay VideoRope Tackle Tug of War VideoScout Stave Launcher VideoSelf Standing Flagpole VideoSnake Race VideoSplit the Match Relay VideoStretcher Relay VideoWater Boiling Race VideoZulu Toss VideoTROOP MEETING GAME VIDEOSBlindfolded Steal the Bacon VideoCan It! VideoHit the Bucket VideoHit the Can Videohttp://www.programresources.org/a-frame-chariot-race-video/http://www.programresources.org/all-aboard-video/http://www.programresources.org/bandage-relay-video/http://www.programresources.org/blind-train-video/http://www.programresources.org/bow-saw-relay/http://www.programresources.org/bowline-sheet-bend-draw-video/http://www.programresources.org/catch-the-snapper-video/http://www.programresources.org/crossing-the-alligator-pit-video/http://www.programresources.org/everyone-on-the-tripod-video/http://www.programresources.org/first-aid-carry-relay-video/http://www.programresources.org/flagpole-race-demo-video/http://www.programresources.org/fuzz-stick-relay-video/http://www.programresources.org/handicap-obstacle-course-video/http://www.programresources.org/helium-stick-video/http://www.programresources.org/hitching-challenge-video/http://www.programresources.org/horizontal-half-hitching-race-video/http://www.programresources.org/hot-isotope-transport-video/http://www.programresources.org/ladder-building-video/http://www.programresources.org/lassoing-the-steer-video/http://www.programresources.org/lift-seat-challenge-video/http://www.programresources.org/nitro-transport-video/http://www.programresources.org/reactor-transporter-video/http://www.programresources.org/rescue-relay-video/http://www.programresources.org/rope-tackle-tug-of-war-video/http://www.programresources.org/scout-stave-launcher-video/http://www.programresources.org/self-standing-flagpole-video/http://www.programresources.org/snake-race-video/http://www.programresources.org/split-the-match-relay-video/http://www.programresources.org/stretcher-relay-video/http://www.programresources.org/water-boiling-race-video/http://www.programresources.org/zulu-toss-video/http://www.programresources.org/blindfolded-steal-the-bacon-video/http://www.programresources.org/can-it-video/http://www.programresources.org/hit-the-bucket-video/http://www.programresources.org/hit-the-can-video/Hula Hoop Horseshoes VideoHunker Down VideoIdentifying Sounds VideoJump the Shot VideoPrisoners Escape VideoStand By Sixes VideoStanding Jump Relay VideoStanding Staves VideoSteal the Bacon VideoTime Bomb VideoTrue or False Steal the Bacon VideoTug of War VideoWall Street VideoCEREMONIES & LEADER MINUTE VIDEOSSample Troop Court of Honor VideoAn Eagle Court of Honor Opening Ceremony VideoFour Winds Eagle Ceremony VideoTrail of the Eagle Court of Honor Ceremony VideoSample Troop Meeting Opening Ceremony VideoPosting the Colors Troop Meeting Opening Ceremony VideoScoutmasters Minute VideoTroop Circles Closing Ceremony Video 2016 Boy Scouts of America - All Rights Reservedhttp://www.programresources.org/hula-hoop-horseshoes-video/http://www.programresources.org/hunker-down-video/http://www.programresources.org/identifying-sounds-video/http://www.programresources.org/jump-the-shot-video/http://www.programresources.org/prisoners-escape-video/http://www.programresources.org/stand-by-sixes-video/http://www.programresources.org/standing-jump-relay-video/http://www.programresources.org/standing-staves-video/http://www.programresources.org/steal-the-bacon-video/http://www.programresources.org/time-bomb-video/http://www.programresources.org/true-or-false-steal-the-bacon-video/http://www.programresources.org/tug-of-war-video/http://www.programresources.org/wall-street-video/http://www.programresources.org/sample-troop-court-of-honor-video/http://www.programresources.org/eagle-court-of-honor-opening-ceremony-video/http://www.programresources.org/four-winds-eagle-ceremony-video/http://www.programresources.org/journey-to-eagle-court-of-honor-ceremony-video/http://www.programresources.org/sample-troop-opening-ceremony/http://www.programresources.org/posting-the-colors-opening-ceremony-video/http://www.programresources.org/scoutmaster-minute-1-video/http://www.programresources.org/troop-circle-closing-ceremony-video/http://scouting.org/http://new.afsanalytics.com/?usr=00829369Troop Program ResourcesWEBELOS-TO-SCOUT CEREMONIESTROOP LEADER RESOURCE LINKSTROOP MEETING CHALLENGE VIDEOSTROOP MEETING GAME VIDEOSCEREMONIES & LEADER MINUTE VIDEOS


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