Web 2.0 Tools Web-based tools to engage students & enhance learning Sloan Davis & Dorothy Minor

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STAYONFERENCE. Presented by Renew the Magic. Library Research Library use & research Paula Settoon & Mike Meisenheimer Small Aud , Student Union. Register: Schools.webhop.org/ TulsaCCDMinor And with CRN 70423 (to earn staff development credit). Learning Documents - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>Slide 1</p> <p>Web 2.0 ToolsWeb-based tools to engage students &amp; enhance learningSloan Davis &amp; Dorothy MinorA161 Enterprise</p> <p>Library ResearchLibrary use &amp; researchPaula Settoon &amp; Mike Meisenheimer Small Aud, Student Union</p> <p>Register:Schools.webhop.org/TulsaCCDMinorAnd with CRN 70423 (to earn staff development credit)</p> <p>Active LearningShare ideas that work in the classroom &amp; online. Bring handouts to share.Amanda Blackman &amp; Angie Summers A161 Enterprise</p> <p>STAYONFERENCEFriday, Nov 9th 9:15 am 2:15 pmNECPresented by Renew the MagicFull-time and part-time faculty</p> <p>Learning Documents Create a learning document for your students.Dan Stein, Touro College, NYA161 EnterpriseLunch ProvidedSouth Meeting RoomLimited to 50 participantsMore Info: dminor@tulsacc.edu Limited attendance options available; email D. Minor for info.</p>


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