Web 2.0 tools to learn English: Wikipedia

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Web 2.0 tools to learn English: Wikipedia. By Josu A. Ruiz Rodriguez Wyatt Lugo Caballero. What do you understand about Web tool? . Web 1.0 Tool. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>Web 2.0 tools to learn English</p> <p>Web 2.0 tools to learn English:WikipediaByJosu A. Ruiz RodriguezWyatt Lugo CaballeroWhat do you understand about Web tool? The Web 1.0 is a internet tool that the user read only, the user can not interact with the content of the page. Cant write comments, answers, quotes, etc. Being entirely limited to information provided by the owner of the page.Web 1.0 ToolWeb 2.0 basically refers to the transition from static HTML pages (Web 1.0) to more dynamic web sites that are more organized and are based on web service applications to users. The user can not interact with the content of the page. Web 2.0Web 1.0 ToolWeb 2.0 Tools A few content producers</p> <p>Users become producers of contentMany readers of this content</p> <p>Collaborative Web</p> <p>Static pages</p> <p>Ability to publish the information and make changes to data without advanced technological knowledge</p> <p>The updating of web sites were not periodically</p> <p>Facilitate interactions</p> <p>Sites directional and non-collaborative</p> <p>Facilitate publishing, research and web content delivery</p> <p>Users are consumers readers</p> <p>Information in constant change</p> <p>Web 1.0 and Web 2.0 CharacteristicsWikipedia is a free encyclopedia. Wikipedia is written collaboratively by volunteers, allowing articles to be created, edited or deleted in different language by any user with access through a web browser.</p> <p>Topic: WikipediaWikipedia provides a large group of translations into different languages including English. Provide the same information in different languages. It helps us to learn English because the user can choose the language he wants for information in this case the English. The encyclopedia provides a panel for select that translation.</p> <p>How Wikipedia helps us to learn English?Language Selection Tool</p> <p>Use this column to select the languageDocument in SpanishYou can view the document in English</p> <p>Document in EnglishThank You </p>


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