Web 2.0 Mobile Multi- Channel Multi- Channel Introduction Viral Online Fundraising

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  • AgendaIntroductionOutline the costs/benefits of two forms of fundraisingWeb 2.0MobileDiscuss the multi-channel approachThanking your donors

  • PollIn the past year my program has raised money using:

  • 2011 TrendsSource: www.nonprofitmarketingguide.com/2011trends

  • Traditional FundraisingEngagementCommitmentOpportunity

  • Viral FundraisingViralFundraisingViral Fundraising

  • Creating a BuzzViral FundraisingRaise AwarenessRaise FundsExpand NetworkIncreaseMarketing

  • The State of Online GivingSource: http://www.fundraising123.org/files/Community/Online_Giving_Study_2010R.pdf









    Dollars in Millions

    Online Giving Growth (2003-2009)


    Dollars in MillionsSeries 2Series 3








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  • Web 2.0 FundraisingYour Mentoring Program

  • Web 2.0 Fundraising Upload multimedia (photos, videos) Integrate with social media Searchable by region Customize your message Manage donor database

  • Benefits of Web 2.0 Fundraising

  • Features of Web 2.0 FundraisingViral Fundraising Report Card

  • Razoo

  • Network for Good

  • TipsTangible givingProfile your donorMobilize your donorsTimingCreate urgency

  • Tangible GivingStart with defining your costsAlign your message with your campaign

  • Profile Your DonorYounger with higher incomes11% under the age of 3534% earned over $100kMentoring donor?Mentors?Educators?


  • Mobilize Your DonorWord of mouthSocial paymentTweet Button

  • Social Payment

  • Timing?














    Donation Cycle


    Donation Cycle













  • Be Creative?Create a sense of urgencySet it up as a competitionUse a multi-channel approachThank your donors

  • Q & A?

  • Mobile Landscape?59%Source: http://calderstrategies.com/wordpress/mobile-101/35%

  • Mobile FundraisingASP Providers

  • PricingStartup FeePercentage rateMonthly subscriptions

    Mobile PlatformsCost RangeStartup Fee$0- $500Percentage Rate5% - 10%Monthly Fee$49 - $499

  • Costs/BenefitsScale/ReachTrigger EventFaster/Easier for DonorUsher in New Era of DonorsCostsTrigger EventAccounts/ Receivable LagDonor Anonymity

  • Mobile GuidelinesUS Non-Profit Organization registered as a 501c3 with at least $500,000 in annual revenuesLetter of Determination (Form 1045) Patriot Act Compliant501c3 must be in good standing for at least one yearFile 990Have privacy policy that allows for donor opt-outs

  • TipsSource: http://calderstrategies.com/wordpress/mobile-101/Text Mentor to 12345Set GoalsSelect a relevant key word/short code (ID Vendor)Personal networkCarefully time/craft your campaignThank your donorsTangible giving

  • Is This Right for Your Organization?

    Web 2.0MobileLabor Hours60-8080-120OutreachEmail > 100 Advertising! EventOrganizational BudgetN/A$500kType of UrgencyCampaignTrigger Event

  • What are your goals?Improve your online presenceTurn volunteers into fundraisers

    Increase small individual donations

    Deepen & broaden network of support

  • Multi-Channel ApproachSource: http://calderstrategies.com/wordpress/mobile-101/E-MailMobile*Web 2.0Social MediaDirect MailMulti-channel donors are more loyal, valuable, essential to long term sustainability.

  • Q&A

  • www.advancementoring.org

    **Poll:In the past year my program has raised money using:Direct MailEmailEventsMobileSocial MediaWeb 2.0

    Briefly touch on the multi channel here so that when you bring to a close people remember this poll.*Asked 780 nonprofits What Scares you about 2011?Word cloudLarger textAs you can see funding is on everyone's mind*Traditional Tenets of FundraisingCommitment to a causeEngagement with an organizationOpportunity to Donate

    So programs get a donor when these 3 elements align*Going clockwise, starting in the upper left hand cornerWhat technology does; as your can see email, social media, bottom right is web 2.0 technologies, and mobileIt applies pressure, pushing these three tenets closer, increasing them by expanding your networkAnd really what we are talking about is accessibility, your organizations is now more accessible to donors and donors are more accessible to you

    Questions*It is important to note that fundraising is made up of two parts; raising money to sustain operations and support your organization all the while it is also an opportunity to market your mission and purpose. But ultimately, your doing this to raise awareness for mentoring it good to be mindful of this during your fundraising campaigns, and will be particularly helpful when we discuss the idea of tangible giving later in the webinar. *Average online donation v. direct donation Online donors give larger gifts ($71 v. $152)

    *Web 2.0 FundraisingWeb 2.0 refers to online sites and tools that allow users to interact directly with your site through customized websites and easily accessible donation toolsThe way that Web 2.0 fundraising works is that your mentoring program uses a web-based fundraising platform that is shared with your mentorYour mentor then shares that information about the fundraising campaign with his or her network People in that network are then informed about your program and motivated to give of their time and money to mentoring programAnd then the cycle starts all over again with a larger mentor pool


    Competitive and emerging market, so the platforms featured here and ones we will cover, may not be cutting edge in technology, price, etc. So be sure to reevaluate on a yearly basis.*Low (if any) costStreamlined with marketing-allows you to manage constituent data-constant contactIntegrated with social media- allows you to reach new audiences fasterMarket GrowthOnline donors rare growing at a 50% annual rate*Competitive and emerging market, so the platforms featured here and ones we will cover, may not be cutting edge in technology, price, etc. So be sure to reevaluate on a yearly basis.

    Many of you may already be familiar with Facebook and Network for Good Explain criteria of report card and who created it.

    Available for download. Click on bottom right hand pod and Save to my computer. Grantees SHARE: Are there any Web 2.0 sites that you have used?*Mentor mix of staff, mentors, board, caregivers, clientsIndividual v. Team-Random Campaign-Team Campaign*Network for Good as another example.

    Easy to set up, manage donors, start campaigns

    Please use this time to describe basics that are available through most of these sites.*In order for our supporters to create messages of their own for their networks*Great way to steward your donors as well, over the course of the webinar we will talk about ways to thank your donors and this is one way of doing that by tying their contribution directly to something.

    How much does it cost to manage a match? What are the incremental costs associated with it?Craft your message and align it with your campaign.

    *How much does it cost to manage a match? What are the incremental costs associated with it?Craft your message and align it with your campaign.*Despite the growing number of communication or marketing veins (tv, radio, social media, email) still the most impactful is word of mouth, but word of mouth has transformed its definition over the past decade, it grew from literally face-to-face dialogue to now meaning all forms of direct contact, which can be through a tweet, a post, a personal email, etc. Mobilizing your donors refers to your ability to generate word of mouth momentum. Using your donors to locate.more donors! The idea of Social Payment

    Charitable giving happened in the context of personal relationships, well it still does, but we beginning to define personal relationships differently and some of that transformation can be attributed to technology and social media. That is not to say that technology is the cause of fundraising a great line is raising funds online is not about technology, any more than raising funds through direct mail is about paper. It is still about the relationship between you and your donor, or your donor and their network, and their network , and so on and so forth that is the essence of a cause going viral. **Take advantage of the natural cyclical pattern of charitable donations and plan events accordingly*Take advantage of the natural cyclical pattern of charitable donations and plan events accordingly*Take advantage of the natural cyclical pattern of charitable donations and plan events accordingly*In the US*

    The ability to reach the right person, at the right time, with the right message, has been the goal of every marketer. However, traditional strategies designed to leverage traditional Customer Relationship Management (CRM) databases are becoming less effective. Consumers moving, changing their email address, and dropping their home phone lines have all been natural disruptive forces. But changes in consumer behavior and the proliferation of social media has further complicated the databases and the strategy. As traditional mass marketing channels continue to give ground to targeted, interactive channels, the mobile phone has become the only common l