We build projects that make India proud - Vijay Nirman ... Pokarna -Visakhaptnam From designing and

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Text of We build projects that make India proud - Vijay Nirman ... Pokarna -Visakhaptnam From designing and

  • 4 Decades of engineering excellence

    425 Completed projects

    `60 Billion turnover in 5 yrs.

    We build projects that make India proud

  • Dr. S. Vijaya Kumar established VNC

    in the year 1982. What started as his

    dream of creating an entity that would

    create iconic landmarks across India, is

    today an extremely powerful reality. He

    has nurtured a work environment which

    has been inspiring, friendly, challenging

    & respectful. His progressive thinking

    has helped expertise and experience

    to converge and effectively deliver

    smart solution for all construction and

    infrastructure activities. His belief in

    creating opportunities than to wait

    for them, has helped Vijay Nirman

    to scale heights in areas of technical

    consultancy, design, engineering,

    execution and truly deliver what clients

    look for as a trustworthy partner.

    Delivering what clients look for as its trustworthy partner

  • We shall be:

    • A respected infrastructure organisation with ethical

    standards, commitment to quality, reliability and

    continuous technology upgradation

    • Customer-centric by building best relationships with

    clients in terms of performance, trust and customer


    • An enterprise providing it’s employees a climate

    of continuous learning, motivation, challenge in

    workplace and rewarding them suitably

    • Recognised for treating all it’s stakeholders with

    gratitude, dignity and optimising their investment

    with Vijay Nirman

    • A responsible corporate citizen improving the quality

    of life within and outside the organisation

    We believe in

    Mutual Respect

    and Trust






    Culture of



    Vision Values

  • Roads & Bridges Industrial

    Ports & Terminals Buildings

    Metro & Railways

    VNC is recognised as a mark of quality & performance on Time

  • We are synonymous with diversity

    Buildings & Urban Infrastructure

    • Residential/Commercial Buildings

    • Water Treatment Plants and Distribution

    • Desalination Plants

    • Sewage Treatment Plants and Network

    Roads, Bridges & Metro

    • National and State Highways

    • Bridges, Interchanges, Flyovers

    • Viaducts, Metro Rail Transport works including Ballast-less Tracks

    Industrial Infrastructure

    • Material Handling Systems

    • Industrial Buildings

    • Power Plants

    • Integrated Steel Plants and other Metallurgical Units

    • Cement Plants

    • Electrical substations, H.T & E.H.T. Transmission Lines

    Ports & Terminals

    • Piling Works

    • Marine Structures

    • Diaphragm Walls

    • Tunneling

    • Geotechnical & Soil Investigation

    We deliver projects with trust and value


    A reputation earned for rendering pragmatic solutions for infrastructure projects An extraordinary portfolio of national and state highways, bridges & metros, Vijay Nirman offers world-class solutions

    for the construction of roads and bridges, relying on company’s decades of work expertise, team strength, aesthetic

    excellence, and cost efficiency.

    Outer Ring Road -Chennai

    MTP -Chennai Tapi Bridge -Maharashtra

    Kaushambhi Metro Station -Noida, Uttar Pradesh

  • Yemuna Express Way -Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh

    Tambaram- Tinidvanam Road Project -Tamil Nadu Lakshamanatheertha Bridge -Mysore

  • Ford Factory - Ahemadabad

    Pokarna -Visakhaptnam

    From designing and building of power plants and industrial buildings to

    material handling system and electrical works, the company relies on its

    profound experience, time-tested methods, and most-modern technology

    to execute mission-critical projects in challenging environments.


    Propelling development of core sector

    Va Tech Wabag -Nemmeli, Chennai

  • BORI Material Handling System For Power Plant – BINA, Madhya Pradesh Pharmazel -Visakhaptnam

    Pilkington -Visakhaptnam Coromandel International -Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh

  • ESCI Medical College & Hospital -Hyderabad


    Creating dynamic urban spaces that sustain healthy societies With portfolio of super luxury hotels & resorts, ultra modern residential enclaves,

    stadiums, high end commercial complexes and hospitals, VNC is capable of delivering

    complex projects from concept o completion and making landmarks in their own right

    Cloud9 -Bengaluru

    KSDA stadium -Bengaluru

    HMTT -Bengaluru

  • Hiranandani Calgery Apartments -BengaluruRoyal Legend-Bengaluru

    Novotel Hotel & Multiplex Complex -Visakhapatnam

    Lansum Oxygen Towers -Visakhapatnam

  • Gangavaram Port -Visakhapatnam

    HPCL Piling Work -Visakhapatnam


    A wide spectrum of specialised services

    Specialising in ballast less track for metros, piling works, marine structures

    and diaphram walls, the company is ready to solve any challenge with a wide

    spectrum of specialised services, on time and within budget.

    Metro -Bengaluru Sarguja Rail Corridor Pvt Ltd., Raliway Track -Chattisgarh

  • Diaphram Wall -Bangalore

    Piling Work at EQ-9 Berth -Visakhapatnam Gangvaram Port Speciality Precast Girder

    Site Gantry -Dhule


    Most-modern Equipments for project management excellence

    S. No.

    Equipment Capacity Nos.

    1 Hydraulic Piling Rig 600 Dia to 1800 Dia 12

    2 Conventional Piling Rig 1 TON to 5 TON 34

    3 Boom Placer 36 Mtrs Reach & 60 Cum to 80 Cum 5

    4 Crushing & Screening Plant 80 Tph to 200 Tph 3

    5 Asphalt Hot Mix Plant 170 Tph 1

    6 Wet Mix Macadum Plant (WMM) 200 Tph 1

    7 Dozer 350 HP/ BD 355 A3, BD- 355 – A 2

    8 Compressor Drill Machine 4" – 5" Hole Dia 5

    9 Desender-SMD 100 100 CUM/HR 3

    S. No.

    Equipment Capacity Nos.

    10 Telescopic Crane 40 TON 1

    11 Tower Crane (SP-453, TC 5013, TC 5610, CTT 100, MCI 85, MTC

    2418& TC 5040)

    1 TON to 6 TON 29

    12 Crawler Crane (P&H 320, P&H 670 & TATA320)

    18 TON to 70 TON 9

    13 Vibro Hammer 4TON 2

    14 Bitumen Sprayer PH 8S 2

    15 Paver AP 550 & 1800-2 4

    16 Soil Compactors ISD 110 5

    To ensure the highest level of quality and uniformity, Vijay Nirman has invested in the most-modern construction and allied equipments that enable the company to succeed across a wide range of challenges.

  • S. No.

    Equipment Capacity Nos.

    17 Motor Grader 120H 3

    18 Walk Behind Roller RD 7 HS 9

    19 Vibrators Asphalt Compactors VOLVO DD 90 4

    20 Kerb Placing Machine 2

    21 Pneumetic Tandam Roller PT 220RH 1

    22 Batching plant (CP-20,CP-30, MCP-30 & MCP-6070)

    20CUM to 60 CUM 29

    23 Transit Mixture (LPK 2516, 2516T & AM6SHN)

    6 CUM 81

    24 Concrete Pump BP 350, BP 1800 & SP 1400 28

    25 Excavator (EX-70, EX-100& EX-200)

    0.5 CUM to 1.5 CUM 5

    26 Back Hoe Loader/Wheel Loader

    0.5 CUM to 1.5 CUM 28

    27 Tipper/Dumper/Truck 9 CUM to 14 CUM 28

    28 Pick and carry crane 8 TON to 14 TON 33

    29 Weigh Bridge 40 TON to 100 TON 5

    30 Tower Hoist With Winch Esquire, Crompton & Spartan 10

    31 Mobile Lighting Tower System 6.25 KVA & 7.5 KVA 9

    32 Diesel Generator 2 KVA to 650 KVA 224

    33 Trailer  40 TON 12

    34 Cube Testing Machine 100 TON to 200 TON 31

    35 Total Station SET 230-R, SET-510 K & FX-101/SS 34

    S. No.

    Equipment Capacity Nos.

    36 Weigh Batchers 16

    37 Saw/Mig Welding  Machine 15

    38 Welding Rectifiers 100 AMPS to 400 AMPS 282

    39 Mini Batching Plant (RM-400 & RM-800)

    12 CUM 14

    40 De-watering Pump 0.5 HP to 50 HP 352

    41 Bar Cutting Machine BM 32, SBM 42-S, BBM 32, SBM 16 & SBM 42-S


    42 Bar Bending Machine BM 32, SBM 42-S, BBM 32, SBM 16& SBM 42-S


    43 Concrete Mixer 45

    44 Earth Rammer 34

    45 Bull Tractor C 5900DI/LD 900, 605 DI/LD 900 &LDV 21000 EX


    46 Tractor 19

    47 Light Goods Vehicles 407 LPT EX/34 ECOMET 6

    48 Staff Bus Tourister&Citiline (WV 265D &T 3500)



    Vijay Nirman is privileged to have helped

    scores of clients to succeed. The company’s

    experience in delivering custom solutions,

    combined with its deep domain expertise

    across a wide array of industries, has

    resulted in an all-encompassing and plentiful

    portfolio. Its clientele ranges from multi-

    national corporations and industrial firms to

    government agencies and civic authorities.

    REPEAT CLIENT ORDERS Many of our clients have placed repeat

    orders, which