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Wand Ke Shako. GREETING TASK : Pair share the following answers: W hat the meaning of ‘Wand Ke Shako’ is? What things can we do to achieve ‘Wand Ke Shako’? . WALT (We are learning to) : Understand what is meant by ‘wand ke shako’ Evaluate the life of Bhagat Puran Singh Jee - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Wand Ke Shako

Wand Ke Shako

GREETING TASK: Pair share the following answers:What the meaning of Wand Ke Shako is?What things can we do to achieve Wand Ke Shako? Wand Ke ShakoWALT (We are learning to):Understand what is meant by wand ke shako Evaluate the life of Bhagat Puran Singh JeeAnalyse the The Kanhaiya Principles

Collective Simran....

For a Sikh, simran and seva are the spiritual right and left hand. As a Sikh, you must do both to keep a balance. These are like the two wings of a bird - the bird must use both otherwise it will not be able to fly.

What is seva???

Three varieties of seva: That rendered through physical means - "taan" That rendered through the mental apparatus "maan" That rendered through one's material resources "dhan".

Selfless Service

Seva in Sikhism is imperative for spiritual life.

TASK: There are three varieties of seva, can you guess what they are using the picture clues.......

Physical: TaanMental: MaanMaterial: DhanWherever there is sorrow and pain there is an open invitation for Personal Service. This service has double benefits firstly, for the service rendered and secondly for the person for whom the service is being carried out. Personal service is not required to wait for any laws, institutions and legislations.

It is completely free to fly on the wings of compassion to reach directly to the needy person. It never has to follow the devious and conniving paths of the Politics and Law. It emerges with freshness and vigour from the kind hearts of the generous and selfless people.

TASK: Draw some wings, in each wing write the following:SIMRAN- ways to do simran and read bani SEVA- ways you can do the three different types of seva SEVASIMRANSevaGroup Task: Hands up...how many different types of seva can YOU name.

What is this?

Seva is the soap of humilitySinghs in the Yellow Pages....

SevaGroup Task: Wings task was easy!

In your groups now compile an A-Z of seva!!



5 minute countdown

Prizes for full and CORRECT A-Z lists

Who is this?

Bhagat Puran Singh Ji Background4 June, 1904 - 5 August, 1992Died aged 88Based in Amritsar, India

Where is Amritsar?

A life of Nishkam Seva

Mother: Mehtab Kaur

No wife

Gurughar seva with mother


Role of a mother Draw a heart and write down:What youve learnt from your mum or dadWhat your mum and dad do for you on a daily basis.What seva YOU can do for you parents?

Piara Singh

Whats a piggyback?

Who is this?

Florence Nightingale

One of Bhagat jees inspirations 15Who is this?Mother Teresa

Only helped christians 16PingalwaraIn 1947, Bhagat ji founded the institute called Pingalwara meaning "the home of the crippled"

Seva Walk ..

TASK: Using Bhagat Jee as an inspiration, lets walk around the Gurdwara and identify as many different types of seva as we can.

Task: Write down what possessions you own?

Bhagat Jis Possessions......

Why DO YOU think Bhagat Ji only had these possessions?

pavan guroo paanee pitaa maataa Dharat mahat.divas raat du-ay daa-ee daa-i-aa khaylai sagal jagat. (SGGS ang.8)Air is our Guru, water our father, and great earth is our mother;

Sri Guru Har Rai Ji Maharaj developed Kiratpur Sahib as a town of parks and gardens

One should be careful a responsible person should be careful not to hurt anyone/thing and have love, compassion and justiceThink back.....which Guru Sahib inspired us to serve nature and animals????

21pa-un paanee Dhartee aakaas ghar mandar har banee.(SGGS p.723)Air, water, earth and sky - the Lord has made these His home and temple. The importance of Air, Water and Earth to life are emphasised over and over again in the Sri Guru Granth Sahib. The earth is referred to as the mother and as such requires our respect. Great care needs to be taken to ensure that no damage occurs to it while the Sikh is going about his or her daily life. The pollution of these 3 elements is against the principles laid down by the Gurus.EnvironmentalistWrote lots about the environment in the 1940s


Environment My mother taught me to provide water to the animals, plant trees and water newly planted saplings, offer feed to the Sparrows...

Planting trees/flowers"All Punjabis should sow trees of "Bohar"(Banyan), "Pippal" and "Neem", which are essential to our eco-system."

What seva of the environment can we do????

TASK: Draw a leaf and write down ways we can serve the environment.

Think about what Bhagat Ji says.....and what Shri Guru Har Rai Ji Maharaj did.


Qualities of a Pure Sevadar?

TASK: Draw a picture of a Gursikh in the middle of your paper and write down all the qualities a pure sevadar should have. Think about what youve learnt today.......

The Kanhaiya Principles

SERVE SELFLESSLY: The Sakhi tells us that we should serve Humanity selflessly (Nishkam) and with complete dedication; To open our minds to see divinity in all beings

TREAT ALL EQUALLY: To Serve All of Humanity Equally without discrimination; provide help and assistance to everybody without prejudice or indifference; make no distinction between friend or foe;

SERVE WITH COMPASSION & LOVE: It tells us how we should treat even our fallen enemies (when they do not have their swords drawn) with respect, compassion, humility and Love.

THE FIVE WEAPONS: The Five Weapons to destroy the five internal Thieves - Deep level of Compassion (Daya), Complete compliance to Truth (Sat), Inner Contentment (Santokh), Overflowing Humility (Nimrata) and Total Love (Pyar).

The Sakhi puts into practise the 5 major virtues promoted by Gurbani

TASK: Sum up the Kanhaiya Principles in your own words or drawings

It isn't seva, if your heart and soul aren't in it.

It isn't seva, if it isn't done with honesty and truth.

It isn't seva, if you believe that mediocrity is all that is expected of you, and that you needn't do more.

It isn't seva, if it's for building your CV.

It isn't seva, if it is meant to be a stepping stone to bigger and better things.

It isn't seva, if you need to tell others, now or later, that you did it.

It isn't seva, if lack of appreciation by others, or their criticism, drives you away.

It isn't seva, if you believe that it is your right to do it.

It isn't seva, if you have to fight against others to do it.

It isn't seva, if you snatch it away from another, to do it.

It isn't seva, if you begin to believe you're the best one to do it.

And, it isn't seva, if it distresses you that others take credit for what you've done.The essence.....

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cKz1hjwVQ-s&feature=related32Khalsa Aid.....

Khalsa Aid.....

Reflection: How can we help families like the one in the video?


What can YOU do with your blessed hands?

In your book;

TASK 1: Draw an outline of your hands TASK 2: Write down seva you can realistically do (daily, short term, long term)

Every Sunday Jorea di SevaWater the flowers in the garden every week Smile more Read a sakhi to my little bro/sis every nightWash up after evening meal RAK more 10% ratio (seva, simran and dasvand)Cursed are the hands and feet that do not engage in seva (Bhai Gurdas, Varan, 27.1).

Seva and Simran.....SHARE WITH OTHERS: To Share ones wealth with the people who are suffering to reduce their suffering and pain. Remembering the Three Pillars of Sikhism Naam Japo; Kirat Karni and Wand kay Shako.

SEVA AND SIMRAN: To carry out whatever Seva that we are able to, to help make life more comfortable for anyone who is hurt, in pain, is suffering or otherwise in a bad way. This is part of Sikhism's Two Pronged Dedication to God: Simran and Seva.

Seva Bingo

TASK: Pick any 9 of these words to go in your 9 Bingo squares:

Seva Simran Yellow Pages Wings of Compassion Wand Ke Shako Khalsa Aid Taan Maan Dhan Mehtab Kaur Piara Singh Bhagat Puran Singh

Pingalwara 10% Humility Soap The 5 weapons


Homework: Write a letter or make a card for our post pals.

You can purchase or make a little gift you wish

Include your name and age Dont dwell on the childs illness instead give them messages of hope and inspiration You can give them Sikhi Inspiration and offer your prayers.