W ho i s missing from loc al developmen t? ority. The la nce against cation, decis al services. a women
W ho i s missing from loc al developmen t? ority. The la nce against cation, decis al services. a women

W ho i s missing from loc al developmen t? ority. The la nce against cation, decis al services. a women

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Text of W ho i s missing from loc al developmen t? ority. The la nce against cation, decis al services. a...

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    mmunity and ority. The la ence against cation, decis al services. 

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    Vulnerability Study,  per, UNDP 2010; Cas

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    people, the one of the m nclusion, em ostility towa

    n  encounter th ‐ as Roma, as ing to a low 

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    ment rate am pulation. Eve x out of ten R Roma live o overty line).

    JILDP UN Women/U ses of discrimination

    The parents of Roma boy lodg with Moldova


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    he triple  s women an socioecono

    reater risks  y than men  m the ethni ty is seen in  ccess employ g positions an

    from reprod lable at the  nder stereot rl will leave  oma boy. 

    mong Roma  ery second R Roma live in on less than 2 . 

    NDP, 2011; UNDP N n against Roma provid

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    HDR Report 2010 / 2 ded by the National 

    oldovan school int with the tea

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    rding to var s of populati health care  majority pop

    er than in  n extreme  overty.   (the 

    2011 on Social Exclus Roma Center. Photo

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    ious official  ion.  Roma f and other s pulation. 

    sion pre‐final version os by Igor Schimbator

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    nd of April 2011; Hu nd  Tibirica villages.


    cal  nt? 12,000 and  multiple  degree of 


    man Rights Educatioon 

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    nt Integrated L pment Program cial support of  MINATIVE, TRANS

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    rage and lim ct access of  have a medic

    ce considera tion campaig tical process ed by the ex

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    of enrolmen ary schools  of ten Roma of ten have  l education) al Roma pop would accep udents. 

    basic servic

    % of Roma ho d to running m nor a toilet

    rity of Roma tskirts of the ng additional g basic comm

    Local Developm mme (UNDP) a the Swedish I SPARENT and l

    e  shall  be fe and dev

    mited service Roma to qu cal insurance

    able barriers gns this com es and its in isting politic

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    ouseholds ar g water and  t. 

    a communiti eir locality o l difficulties  munity servic

    ment Program and United Nat nternational D ocal developm

    ecome  equ velopment

    s provided t ality healthc e policy, less

    s to political  mmunity is m terests are n cal parties. 

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    me (JILDP) of t tions Entity fo Development A ment PARTICIPA

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    rimary schoo Roma canno primary educ on (includin re for Roma 8% of non‐R olleagues an

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    ent of Moldova ality and the E works to make PONSIVE to the

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    70% and  ven read;  nother  te or  only 4%  27.2% of 

    a, implemente mpowerment  e the decentra e needs of the 

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    ed by United N of Women  (U

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    Nations  UN Women), w UNTABLE, NON ble.  

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    town, Moldov

    with  N‐