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    Pipework Vibration Management Services to avoid piping fatigue failure

    Why should I be concerned about pipework fatigue failures?

    A vibration-induced pipework fatigue failure can have an adverse effect on:

    Safety potential for fire or explosion associated with hydrocarbon release Cost deferred production; plant downtime can extend to several months if significant piping design changes are

    subsequently required, or for equipment with long lead times Regulation government or legal fines due to lack of integrity management Reputation

    Vibration-induced pipework fatigue failure is the second most significant cause of hydrocarbon release from process pipework, according to industry data:

    UK offshore data (HSE) for causes of hydrocarbon releases from pipework

  • Vibration, Dynamics & Noise

    SERVICES Pipework Vibration Management

    The risks of excessive pipework vibration can be minimised during EPC design and thereafter as part of the operator integrity management system. How can Wood Group help me? Our core services directly address this issue and include:

    Pipework vibration screening assessments using our proprietary, in-house software, we can carry out screening assessments for individual process systems up to entire plants; as part of debottlenecking studies; as part of an integrity review or as a tool for troubleshooting: these assessments give a clearly auditable means of identifying sources of vibration and likely risk areas, and hence enable optimum design solutions to be identified.

    On-site measurements - used either as part of a troubleshooting investigation; or to confirm the findings from a screening assessment; or to provide baseline data prior to plant modification. On-site measurements, eg, vibration, stress, pressure pulsation etc., are used to quantify the pipework vibration concern.

    On-site inspection program involves onsite evaluation of piping, small bore connections, piping support and areas affecting vibration and fatigue.

    Detailed fatigue analysis - this can be used to give more accurate fatigue life predictions and/or then optimize pipework vibration control measures, eg, type and size of bracing, location and orientation of additional pipe supports etc.

    These specific services included in plant wide screening assessment (above), or as a stand-alone service: Small-bore connections (SBC) design, testing and site modifications for small bore piping systems Acoustic fatigue or acoustic induced vibration (AIV) assessment for flare gas, blowdown, control valves and recycle

    systems Flow-induced vibration (FIV) assessment for gas systems Subsea vibration management risk assessment of vibration sources such as FIV, FIT, FLIP, VIV and mechanical

    excitation (based on new vibration screening guideline) Water hammer analysis for pumping and liquid systems

    What is Wood Groups experience?

    Wood Groups VDN group has extensive experience with proactively managing, as well as troubleshooting, pipework vibration and fatigue issues, with members of the group co-authoring the industry best practice, Guidelines for the avoidance of vibration induced fatigue failure in process pipework by the Energy Institute. We have a track record of working globally with many O&G operators, EPCs and service providers. Our technical services are employed throughout the asset life cycle, from FEED through to mature operations and debottlenecking studies, and for upstream, midstream (LNG) and downstream (refinery) facilities.

    With our unique experience and capability, the VDN group is able to provide a turnkey solution to not only identify and quantify potential pipework failures, but also to evaluate potential modifications, and to then work with operators to identify the optimum solution.

    As part Wood Group, the VDN group also has access to specialist engineering services such as CFD, materials, and production chemistry.


    For further information, email us at, or contact our pipework vibration experts directly:

    Americas: Jordan Grose, Europe, Africa, Middle East: Jonathan Baker, Asia, Pacific: Paul Crowther,

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