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Biannual newsletter of Vexillology Ireland - a branch of the Genealogical Society of Ireland - Vol. 1 No. 1 (2013)

Text of VIBE - Vexillology Ireland : Brateolaíocht Éireann

  • V I B E Vexillology Ireland Brateolaocht ireann

    Biannual Newsletter of

    Vexillology Ireland

    Vol 1 No. 1 2013

    ISSN 2009-6437

    Cad Mle Filte

    A hundred thousand


    VIBE is the new biannual

    newsletter of Vexillology Ireland

    : Brateolaocht ireann published

    by the Genealogical Society of


    The acroym Vibe is surprisingly

    appropriate for a newsletter

    dealing with flags as the

    etymology of the word and its

    evolution through many of the

    languages of Europe suggests

    movement and indeed, in

    modern American English slang

    of the 1960s it means instinctive

    feelings. There is no better way

    to describe the often

    incomprehensible and mutually

    incompatible feelings inclusivity

    and exclusivity engendered by

    flags down through the ages

    amongst peoples around the


    Flags and emblems, as we know,

    can be a source of conflict and

    peace, a source of unity and

    division and, yet their powerful

    symbolism endures to reinforce

    and sustain our connectivity with

    our cultural, linguistic, national,

    ethnic, religious or political

    heritage. Promoting an

    understanding of the symbolism,

    culture, history and identities

    associated with the use flags and

    emblems is at the core of

    vexillology - the scientific study of

    flags and emblems. This

    newsletter aims to provide a

    vehicle for the promotion of an

    awareness, appreciation and

    knowledge of Irelands ancient

    vexillological and heraldic

    heritage both in Ireland and

    amongst her diaspora overseas.

    Welcome to the World of


    In this issue

    Introducing Vexillology Ireland1

    Bratacha Festival of Flags and Emblems2

    Genealogical Society of Ireland2

    Exhibition of Flags & Emblems3

    Dn Laoghaire, a venue for a future ICV ?...4

    IntroducingVexillology Ireland

    Vexillology Ireland or in the Irish language,

    Brateolaocht ireann, is the brand or

    business name chosen by the Genealogical

    Society of Ireland to promote the academic

    study and popular appreciation of vexillology

    in Ireland and amongst the Irish diaspora

    abroad. The importance of name recognition

    for the subject was paramount in choosing

    the brand for this aspect of the Societys


    In keeping with this branding initiative, the

    Board of Directors of the Genealogical

    Society of Ireland at its meeting on July 4th

    2013 approved the design for the flag of

    Vexillology Ireland created by the Stanislav

    Zamyatin. The flag has the international

    symbol for vexillology in white (Argent) at the

    hoist with the gold (Or) Harp symbolising

    Ireland on a field of St. Patricks blue (Azur).

    The symbolism combines Irelands ancient

    vexillological and heraldic traditions. The flag

    was crafted by the bespoke flag-makers

    ORegans of Dublin. The flag will be flown

    during the Societys attendance at the FIAV

    International Congress in Rotterdam.

    The Society will be represented at Rotterdam

    by the Director of Sales, Marketing &

    Membership, Tom Conlon, MSc MGSI, and

    Stanislav Zamyatin, MGSI, CEO, Vexillology

    Ireland, a branch of the Society dealing

    specifically with the promotion of the study of

    the history, symbolism and use of flags and


    The Society has applied for membership of

    FIAV the International Federation of

    Vexillological Associations and the

    application will go before the General

    Assembly of FIAV at Rotterdam for its

    consideration. Indeed, the Society would be

    very interested in bringing the FIAV

    International Congress to Dublin some time in

    the future.

    In the meantime, Stan Zamyatin has created a

    specific web presence for Vexillology Ireland - It is envisaged that the

    website will host Irelands first public Register

    of Flags & Emblems enabling clubs, schools,

    colleges, businesses, clan associations and

    others to have their flags and emblems


    The register will also have information on the

    design, meaning and history of each flag and

    emblem. Some may be a bit surprised that a

    genealogical organisation is involved with

    vexillology, however, as vexillology (defined as

    the scientific study of the history, symbolism

    and usage of flags) is closely related to

    heraldry and it to genealogyits a very

    natural fit indeed. But as genealogists and

    social historians we are primarily concerned

    with the narratives attached to the history and

    use of flags and emblems and, especially, the

    lives and times of the people concerned. Stan

    Zamyatin, CEO of VIBEVexillology Ireland :

    Brateolaocht ireann can be contacted

    through bratachaeire and more

    information can be found on

  • Genealogical

    Society of


    The Society was established in

    1990 to promote the study of

    genealogy, heraldry, vexillology

    and related subjects as

    educational leisure pursuits

    available to all in the community

    irrespective of age, prior-

    learning, background or socio-

    economic circumstances. The

    Society promotes these

    important heritage subjects in

    Ireland by organising Open

    Meetings, lectures, workshops,

    publishing genealogical

    material and exhibiting at major

    relevant events in the country.

    Although, Vexillology Ireland is a

    newly established branch of the

    Genealogical Society of Ireland,

    the Society has an unsurpassed

    record in Ireland for the

    promotion of an awareness,

    appreciation and knowledge of

    vexillology and heraldry.

    In its promotion of vexillology

    and heraldry the Society drafted

    the Genealogy & Heraldry Bill,

    2006 and advised on the

    drafting of the National Cultural

    Institutions (Amendment) Bill,

    2008. Both of these legislative

    measures sought to strengthen

    the States involvement in the

    provision of heraldic and

    vexillological services. The

    Society continues to advocate

    the inclusion of vexillology in

    primary legislation in Ireland.


    . Heading. Heading. Heading.

    Opening the Festival

    The Genealogical Society of Ireland was one of four organisations that jointly hosted the Bratacha 2013 Festival of Flags & Emblems which was launched by the Tnaiste (Deputy Prime Minister) and Minister for Foreign Affairs & Trade, Mr. amon Gilmore, TD, on Europe Day, May 9

    th 2013.

    The festival was organised as a part of the nationwide festival The Gathering Ireland which aimed to encourage the Irish diaspora to come back to the old country during 2013. The festival hosted a number of lectures and seminars and, of course, the very successful Exhibition of Flags & Emblems. The highlight of the festival was the Parade of Flags on Saturday May 11

    th 2013 through

    the town of Dn Laoghaire. The official website of the festival is

    Dn Laoghaire, Dublin

    May 9-11 2013


    The official flag of the Bratacha festival was the Mountains to the Sea flag. It was designed by Australian and long-time Dn Laoghaire resident, Andrew Gerard Ball, with graphics by Frank Lee Cooper. The design concept is based on the Dn Laoghaire Rathdown County Council logo, Coat-of-Arms and on a loose translation of the County motto Chuan go Sliabh (from harbour to mountain). The flag has a simple and elegant design and incorporates the shamrock or trefoil from the County Arms which blends the heraldic and vexillological. The green stroke represents the mountains while the blue represents the sea. Although this flag was designed specially for Bratacha 2013, it has grown in popularity as the, as yet, unofficial flag of Dn Laoghaire Rathdown County.

    Picture (Left) shows

    Eamon Gilmore, TD,

    Tnaiste (Deputy Prime

    Minister) opening of the

    Europe in Bloom exhibit at

    Bratacha 2013.

    Europe in Bloom is a floral

    display representing the

    flags of the EU and

    its member states.

    Mr. Graham Bartram, FFI,

    MGSI, the Chief

    Vexillologist at The Flag

    Institute in the UK was a

    guest of honour at the

    opening ceremony. (see

    picture p 4.)

    Arms of the Genealogical Society of


  • Exhibition of Flags and Emblems

    Bratacha 2013 was

    supported by

    Genealogical Society of


    and many other local and

    national community and

    cultural groups

    The Bratacha 2013 Exhibition of

    Flags & Emblems was officially

    launched by Mr. Graham Bartram

    FFI, MGSI, of The Flag Institute in

    London on Thursday May 9th

    2013. The exhibition was held at

    the National Maritime Museum in

    Dn Laoghaire and was

    assembled by Hon. Curator and

    Vexillologist, Mr. Stanislav

    Zamyatin, with an incredibly

    enthusiastic and gifted team. The

    exhibition included many maritime and shipping flags, along with

    Irish, Celtic and EU flags. But the

    main focus of t